Serial: 5V  Episode Nos. 556, 557, 558, and 559.  Title: Logopolis

Still bothered by the events on Traken, the Doctor decides to make his TARDIS work like the Master's did and repair it's
chameleon circuit, the device that should allow it to change it's outer shape.  What the Doctor fails to realize, however, is that
his plans have been anticipated by a newly regenerated Master, who secrets his TARDIS within the Doctor's so that he will be taken along to the alien city of Logopolis.  The Doctor hopes that the Logopolitan's unique form of mathematics will restore his chameleon circuit, but the Master's interference with the city's workings doom not only the Doctor, but the entire universe as

This story sees the departure of Tom Baker as Doctor Who, and the debut of Janet Fielding as Tegan and Anthony Ainley
as the Master.

starring Tom Baker as Doctor Who, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa, Janet Fielding as Tegan, and Anthony Ainley as the Master. Written by Christopher H. Bidmead, Executive Produced by Barry Letts, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and Directed by Peter Grimwade.

Originally transmitted from 28 February 1981 to 21 March 1981 on BBC1.

DVD Features: 

            - Digitially restored and remastered pictures and sound.

            - Graphical menus, episode selection, and scene selection features.

            - Commentary track by actors Tom Baker (Doctor Who) and Janet Fielding (Tegan), and writer/script editor Christopher H. Bidmead.

            - Information Text:  pop-up production information subtitles that play throughout the story.

            - “A New Body at Last”.  A new 50 minute documentary about the departure of Tom Baker from the title role and the introduction of

                        Peter Davison in it.  Features interviews with Tom Baker and Peter Davison (the Doctors), actors Matthew Waterhouse (Adric),

                        Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), and Adrian Gibbs (the Watcher), writer/script editor Christopher H. Bidmead, and directors John Black

                        and Peter Moffatt.  It also has a few archival clips the producer, the late John Nathan-Turner.

            - “Nationwide – Tom Baker”  Tom Baker’s 4-1/2 minute appearance on the BBC news magazine series “Nationwide” made when it

                        was announced that he was leaving the series.

            - “Nationwide – Peter Davison  Peter Davison’s 4-minute appearance on the same show not long after when it was announced he’d be

                        taking over.

            - “Pebble Mill at One – Peter Davison  Peter Davison’s 12-minute appearance on this BBC magazine show where he’s asked about

                        what his costume will be like, and where some children get to ask him questions about how he’ll play the part.

            - News Items.   A 2-minute compilation of news clips that announced the Tom Baker departure, the Peter Davison arrival, and also

                        Tom Baker’s marriage to former companion Lalla Ward.

            - Continuities.  Plays 2 minutes worth of the trailers and other BBC announcements that preceded or followed each episode

                        as it was originally broadcast in 1981.

            - Photo Gallery.  A 5-minute presentation of photographic stills of the production.

            - Doctor Who Annual 1982 and Radio Times billings.   If you place this DVD in the DVD-ROM drive of a computer, you can access

                        these .pdf files which contain the full text of the 1982 Doctor Who Annual and the Radio Times program guide listings for this story.

            - Isolated Music Option.  Select this and the episodes will play with only the incidental music score playing.

             - This DVD starts with an advertisement for the BBC’s new Robin Hood  box set that lasts 1 minute, but you can skip through it with your

                        remote if you wish.