Serial: 7E  Episode Nos. 666, 667, 668, and 669.  Title: Paradise Towers


The Doctor and Melanie visit the famous Paradise Towers to use it's swimming pool, and find the

place completely run down and populated by all-girl gangs, cannibalistic old ladies, and fascist

caretakers.  At the same time, the machines that clean the building have turned against the residents

at the behest of a creature trapped in the basement. 

Can the Doctor unite the peoples of Paradise Towers against it?


starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Bonnie Langford as Melanie.


Written by Stephen Wyatt, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and Directed by Nicholas Mallett.

Originally transmitted from 5 October 1987 to 26 October 1987 on BBC1.

DVD Features:

- All 4 episodes of the story, digitally remastered and restored.

- Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for

   the hearing impaired.

- Optional commentary track by actress Judy Cornwell (Maddy), writer Stephen Wyatt,

   special sound designer Dick Mills, and moderated by Mark Ayres.

- Information Text subtitles option.  Displays pop-up production trivia throughout

   the story.

- Alternate Score.  Selecting this in the Audio Options menu will play the story with a

    different music score to the broadcast version (which was by Keff McCulloch).  This

    is the score that was composed by David Snell and then rejected near the last minute

    by producer John Nathan-Turner and the McCulloch version hurriedly written to

    replace it. 

- “Horror on the High Rise.”  A 34-minute documentary about the making of the story,

   presented by Mark Ayres.  Features interviews with script editor Andrew Cartmel,

   writer Stephen Wyatt, composers David Snell and Keff McCulloch, and actors

   Catherine Cusack (Blue Kang Leader), Howard Cooke (Pex), and Richard Briers

   (Chief Caretaker/Kroagnon). 

-  Deleted and Extended Scenes.  An 8-minute package of 18 deleted scenes.

-  Continuity.  A 4-minute package of the BBC’s continuity announcements introducing

    and advertising the story from 1987. 

-  Girls! Girls! Girls! The Eighties.  A 22-minute discussion between three of the 1980s

    companion actresses: Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Janet Fielding (Tegan), and Sophie

    Aldred (Ace). 

-  Casting Sylvester.  A 4-minute interview with Producer Clive Doig, who played a role

     in the casting of Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor.

- Photo Gallery.  A package of still photos taken during the production.  5 minutes long.

- PDF Materials.  : the Radio Times listings are available as a .pdf file if you put the disc

into a computer.