Serial: 4F  Episode Nos. 406, 407, 408, and 409.  Title: Planet of Evil

On a planet near the edge of the universe, Prof. Sorenson believes he has discovered the energy source with which his people can refuel their sun: a mineral form of anti-matter.  His obsession leads him to ignore the members of his party who have gone missing and the contamination he is suffering from.  A rescue ship has been dispatched, and when the crew discover the Doctor and Sarah, they believe they've found their suspects in the killings...

starring Tom Baker as Doctor Who, and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. Written by Louis Marks, Produced by Phillip Hinchcliffe, and Directed by David Maloney.

-         Originally transmitted from 27 September 1975 to 18 October 1975 on BBC1.

-         DVD FEATURES:

-     All four episodes of the story, with digitally restored pictures and sound.

-         Graphical menus, episode selection, and scene selection features.

-         Commentary track by actors Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) and Prentis Hancock (Salamar), and

Producer Philip Hinchcliffe.

-         “A Darker Side” – A new 26-minute making-of-the-show featurette featuring interviews with Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen,

Prentis Hancock, Philip Hinchcliffe, writer Louis Marks, designer Roger Murray-Leach, and director David Maloney.

-         “Planetary Performance”  - A 13-minute interview package with actors from this story, namely Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen,

Prentis Hancock, Tony McEwan (Baldwin), and Graham Weston (De Haan).

-         Studio Scene.  A 1-minute featurette of  video recorded by the main studio cameras before, during, and after a take of the

Doctor and Sarah meeting the anti-matter monster.

-         Continuities – A 2-minute package of the BBC trailers that ran for this story in 1975 and for a later repeat run.

-         Information Text -   Displays pop-up production trivia subtitles throughout the story.

-         Photo Gallery  - A 7-minute package of still photographs taken during production, accompanied by sound effects from this story.

-         Radio Times Listings. A pdf file of the original TV listings for this story in the Radio Times readable by any DVD-ROM drive on a

home computer.

-         Coming Soon Trailer – A 1-minute trailer for the DVD of Destiny of the Daleks, available in North America on this same date.

-         Subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the area of blank text below to see what it is and how to find it.

Go to the Special Features menu and highlight the Continuities selection, then press the left arrow.  A Doctor Who  logo

will appear.  Click on this and you will see an extra 11-minute featurette called “Hidden Hinchcliffe,” where Producer

Philip Hinchcliffe sits down at the BBC Written Archive center and peruses the original production file for this story.

Portions of this footage are already used in the “A Darker Side” documentary above, and this is just more of Philip and

the files together.