Serial: ZZZ  Episode Nos. 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, and 381.  Title: Planet of the Spiders


Giant spiders with vast psychic powers have formed a mental link with a group of humans at a

 meditation center in England.  They seek to form a bridge that will enable them to find the powerful

mental crystal from Metebelis 3 that the Doctor took on his previous visit, and the only way that the

Doctor can stop them is to conftont his greatest fear...


This story sees the departure of Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who and Richard Franklin as Captain Yates.


starring Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Nicholas Courtney as

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, and John Levene as Sergeant Benton.


Written by Robert Sloman, Produced and Directed by Barry Letts.


Originally transmitted from 4 May 1974 to 8 June 1974 on BBC1.


On Disc 1:

- All 6 episodes of the story, digitally remastered and restored.

- Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for

   the hearing impaired.

- Optional commentary track by actors Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, and Richard

   Franklin, co-writer/producer/director Barry Letts, and script editor Terrance Dicks.

            (This was recorded two years ago, and since then Courtney and Letts, and most

            recently Sladen, have sadly passed away.)

- Information Text subtitles option.  Displays pop-up production trivia throughout

   the story.

- Coming Soon Trailer for the forthcoming DVD of Frontios.

On Disc 2:

- “The Final Curtain  A 38-minute featurette about the making of this story, featuring

            interviews with Jon Pertwee, Richard Franklin, Terrance Dicks, Barry Letts,

            new series writer/actor Mark Gatiss, visual effects assistant Mat Irvine, and

            production designer Rochelle Selwyn.

- “John Kane Remembers  A 13-minute interview with actor John Kane, who played

            Tommy in this story.

- “Directing Who with Barry Letts  A 15-minute interview with Barry Letts focusing on his

            directing career on the show.

- “Now and Then  A 7-minute featurette about the locations used in this story and how they

            appear today.

- Omnibus Edition.  A condensed movie-form version of the story that was used as a BBC

            1974 repeat .  It’s presented in its original, unrestored form.  105 minutes. 

- Omnibus Trailer .  A 2-minute trailer for the Omnibus Edition.

- Photo Gallery,  6 minutes of still photos taken during the production.

- PDF Materials: the Radio Times listings.