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Serial: 6P  Episode Nos. 619, 620, 621, and 622.  Title: Resurrection of the Daleks Special Edition


The TARDIS is drawn into a time corridor and deposited on 20th century Earth near an

abandoned warehouse.  Inside, a bomb disposal squad is investigating alien objects stored there. 

They contain a virus lethal to the Daleks, who, seeking a cure for it, attack a space prison to recover

their creator Davros.  Can the Doctor bring himself to destroy Davros and the Daleks this time,

or will they be reborn and successfully invade the universe?


This story sees the departure of Janet Fielding as Tegan.


starring Peter Davison as the Doctor, Janet Fielding as Tegan, and Mark Strickson as Turlough.

Written by Eric Saward, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and Directed by Matthew Robinson.


Originally transmitted from 8 February 1984 to 15 February 1984 on BBC1.


This story was originally released on DVD in 2003.  This Special Edition includes all of the

features that were in the original release (bar the Who's Who text biographies of the cast)

plus many new features besides. The restoration work has been redone from scratch.


The 2003 DVD edition presented the story as 4 25-minute episodes, which was how the story

was first planned to be shown, however a last-minute scheduling change due to BBC coverage

of the 1984 Winter Olympics caused it to be changed into 2 47-minute episodes instead and that's

the version that the BBC broadcasted.   This Special Edition presents the story in both formats. 

The 2-part 47-minute episode version is on Disc 1, and the 4 25-minute episode version is

on Disc 2.


** Features that are new to the Special Edition are listed in italics.


DVD Features:

A 2-disc set.  On Disc 1:

- The 2-part version of the story, each part about 47 minutes long.

- Graphical menus, episode selection features, and scene selection features. 

- Optional subtitles for the hearing impared.

- 5.1 Dolby Digital sound option.  (The default sound is the original mono

   soundtrack; the 5.1 option must be selected under Audio Options.)

- Optional Commentary Track featuring actor Terry Molloy (Davros), visual effects

  designer Peter Wragg, and Writer/Script Editor Eric Saward. Moderated by Nicholas Pegg.

- Isolated Music option – selecting this sound option plays the story with only the incidental music

   playing… no dialog or sound action is heard, just music

- Casting Far and Wide - A 32-minute piece where Toby Hadoke interviews five of the

  character actors who appeared in this story.  They are Roger Davenport (Trooper),

  Del Henney (Col. Archer), Leslie Grantham (Kiston), Jim Findley (Mercer), and

  William Sleigh (Galloway).

- TARDIS-Cam No. 4 – more visual effects of the TARDIS’ travels from the former BBCi website

- Breakfast Time – a BBC morning program interviews Janet Fielding and Producer

   John Nathan-Turner, and visits the BBC Radiophonic Workshop where

   they speak to Malcolm Clarke as he is composing the music for this story.

- On Location – 19-minute featurette where Director Matthew Robinson and Script Editor Eric

   Saward discuss the story out in the London street locations that were used in the production. 

   Elsewhere, Producer John Nathan-Turner gives what was to be his last interview about the series

   before his death in 2002.

- The Last Dalek.  10 minutes of model effects footage from the 1967 Second Doctor story

   The Evil of the  Daleks narrated by the visual effects designers who made it.

- Extended and Deleted Scenes: 7 minutes of scenes that were removed or trimmed from the

   final versions.

- BBC1 broadcast trailer for the story.  33 seconds.

- PDF Files.  Place this DVD into your computer's drive and you'll find a .pdf file containing

   the 1984 Radio Times TV listings for this story.

- Coming Soon Trailer for the forthcoming release of the Third Doctor story Death to the Daleks.

- Two Easter Eggs.  To see how to find them and what they are, highlight the empty area

   below with your mouse:

      - Egg 1:  Go into the Special Features menu and select Audio Options. Once inside the Audio

            Options menu, highlight Feature Audio (mono) and then press the left arrow.   

            A Doctor Who logo will appear and be highlighted.  Select this and you'll see the studio clock

            countdown slate from the start of the master tape f episode 2, onto which a clever stagehand

            has drawn a couple of cute Daleks.

- Egg 2:  Go into the Episode Selection menu.  Highlight Part Two, then press the right arrow.

      A Doctor Who logo will appear and be highlighted.  Click this and you'll see the full-length

      opening and closing Peter Davison title sequence, without any credits on it.  It comes from a

      fresh transfer off the film, and looks exceptionally clear and sharp.

- Both of these Easter eggs were on the 2002 edition of the DVD, but located in different places.


On Disc 2:

- The 4-part version of the story, each episode being about 25 minutes long.

- Optional commentary track by Peter Davison (the Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), and

    Director Matthew Robinson.

- Information Text.  Displays pop-up production notes throughout the story as subtiles.

- Photo Gallery – presents still photos from the production. This is a new assembly of the photos

   and is 5 minutes long.

- Come in Number Five - A 56-minute documentary about the whole of the Fifth Doctor's era,

  presented by Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.  Features interviews with actors Peter Davison,

  Janet Fielding, and Mark Strickson, director Fiona Cumming, script editors Christopher H.

 Bidmead, Antony Root, and Eric Saward, producer John Nathan-Turner, executive producer

 Barry Letts, Head of BBC Series and Serials David Reid, and current (as of 2012) executive

 producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat.

- Tomorrow's Times - The Fifth Doctor.  A 12-minute look at the press clippings and reviews

 the Peter Davison era received at the time of original broadcast. Presented by Frazer Hines.

- Walrus.  A 1-minute comedy sketch from 1984 where a Dalek meets the stereotyped wife

  of a Welsh miner.

- Coming Soon Trailer for the forthcoming release of the Third Doctor story Death to the Daleks.


Incidentally, long-time fans who saw this story on PBS in the 1980s may remember seeing versions

that were mistakenly absent their sound effects and incidental music for a large section of the story

(my stations had them missing from the second half).  The reason for that mistake was uncovered as

this new DVD edition was prepared: the switch-over from making this as a 4-parter to a 2-parter

apparently happened halfway through the final dubbing of the 4-part version, and the resulting

confusing paperwork led to some undubbed versions getting loose in North America.