Serial: 6Z  Story No. 143  Episode Nos. 646 and 647.  Title: Revelation of the Daleks

The planet Necros is famous throughout the galaxy for it's funerals, and it is for this reason that the Doctor visits it, to pay respects to a dear scientist friend who has chosen to cryogenically freeze himself in the repository known as Tranquil Repose.
The planet is also famous for it's Great Healer, a little-seen man who has created a foodstuff that ended famine throughout the galaxy, and who has found cures for diseases thought incurable.  What most don't know is that he is also the man who created the Daleks....and the Doctor certainly is unwitting as he and Peri walk straight into his trap....

starring Colin Baker as the Doctor, Nicola Bryant as Peri, and Terry Molloy as Davros. Written by Eric Saward, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and Directed by Graeme Harper.

Originally transmitted from 23 March 1985 to 30 March 1985 on BBC1.


DVD Contents:
 - Both episodes of the story.  The episodes are each 45 minutes long.

                        - Episode selection and scene selection menus, and optional subtitles for the hearing impaired.

                        - Audio Options menu with three options for the sound.

                                    - Dolby 5.1 mix.   Select this to hear the story in Dolby 5.1.  (The default is otherwise the original mono sound.)

                                    - Commentary track.  Select this to hear the commentary by actors Nicola Bryant (Peri) and Terry Molloy (Davros),

                                                writer Eric Saward, and director Graeme Harper.

                                    - Isolated Music.  Selecting this will play the story with only the mono incidental music playing by itself.

                        - Special Features menu containing:

                                    - Revelation Exhumed   A new 46-minute documentary about the making of this story.  It features interviews

                                                with actors William Gaunt (Orcini), Hugh Walters (Vogel), Travor Cooper (Takis), Clive Swift (Jobel),

                                                Alexei Sayle (the DJ), Colin Spaull (Lilt), and Roy Skelton (Dalek Voices), Writer Eric Saward,

                                                Incidental Musician Roger Limb, Visual Effects Designer John Brace, Costume Designer Pat Godfrey,

                                                Designer Alan Spalding, and Director Graeme Harper.

                                    - Behind-the-Scenes.   Plays 16 minutes of highlights from action going on between takes captured by the

                                                studio cameras. 

                                    - Information Text subtitles option.  Plays pop-up production trivia throughout the story.

                                    - CGI Effects option.  Select this, and the episode will play with most of hte 1985 vintage video effects removed

                                                and replaced with new CGI effects made in 2005.

                                    - Deleted Scenes.   Plays 3 deleted scenes from the story, totalling 3 minutes.

                                    - Continuity.   Plays 3:30 of the intro and outroductory announcements made on the BBC during the original

                                                broadcast and a later repeat.

                                    - Photo Gallery.   Plays 6 minutes of still photos taken during production of the story.

                        - There is 1 Easter Egg.   Highlight the invisible text below to see what it is:

                                    - On the main menu, highlight Episode Selection, and then press the left arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear.

                                                Click on this and you will see a 1-minute video montage of some of the actors doing their additional

                                                dialogue recording for the new Dolby 5.1 sound mix.