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The Sarah Jane Adventures  The Complete First Season starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith,

            Yasmin Paige as Maria Jackson, Tommy Knight as Luke Smith, and Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer,

            with Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr. Smith and John Leeson as the voice of K9.  


The Sarah Jane Adventures – The Complete First Season is as the name describes, the entire first season

of the series (and the 1-hour Pilot episode) where Sarah Jane Smith continues investigating alien activity

on Earth with help from some young neighborhood friends. 

This season is the one that recently aired on The Sci-Fi Channel in the U.S. alongside series four of the new series

of Doctor Who, only the episodes there were edited to fit commercial breaks.  The episodes in this DVD set

are the original full-length BBC versions.  


This is a 4-disc set.  It contains:

On every disc:

-         Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         Stereo sound on all episodes.

            -     “Sarah’s PC”   A facsimile of Sarah’s desk computer with three sub-folders:

                        -  “Character Profiles”  Text files about all the main characters we’ve met up to this point.

                        -  “Investigating Tools”  Text files about all of Sarah Jane’s hardware we’ve seen to this point.

                        -  “Alien Profiles”  Text files about the alien creatures we’ve met so far.

                        On each disc, each sub-folder is added to with the new characters, tools, or aliens we’ve met

in the episodes on that disc.


On Disc 1:  

            Story One: Invasion of the Bane  (60-minute pilot episode)

               Maria Jackson moves in across Bannerman Road from Sarah Jane Smith just as a new soft drink

               is taking the world suspiciously by storm.  Could aliens be behind Bubble Shock?  Even if it’s organic?

            Even if it contains Bane?   (yes, of course they’re behind it, you sillies)

-          “Telescope”   Graphics of the telescope in Sarah’s attic leading to two trailers, one for the pilot

episode that was used on the  BBC’s website, and one for the Doctor Who Complete Third

Series Box Set.

            -     “Mr. Smith”   Sarah’s super-computer opens up to reveal links to the following featurettes:

                        -   “Sarah Jane Smith: From Journalist to Time Traveller and Beyond”

                                    A collection of clips from Sarah’s episodes of Doctor Who, telling the story of

                                    her friendship with the Doctor.  Stories that are highlighted are The Time Warrior,

                                    Planet of the Spiders (where we see the Third Doctor regenerate into the Fourth),

                                    Robot, The Sontaran Experiment, The Hand of Fear, The Five Doctors,

                                    School Reunion, and finally The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane.

                                    Each starts with some explanatory text.

-    BBC Norfolk Web TV: Interview with Elisabeth Sladen.  A 7-minute interview with the star.

-    Blue Peter Footage.  A 5-minute segment from children’s magazine show Blue Peter

            where they go behind-the-scenes on the sets and talk with Elisabeth Sladen,

            Yasmin Paige, and Samantha Bond (Mrs. Wormwood)

-    Behind the Scenes.  A collection of still photos taken during production.

-           When booting up, this disc plays a trailer for the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth and

  another one for BBC America.   These are skippable with your remote.

On Disc 2:

            Story Two: Revenge of the Slitheen (2 30-minute episodes)

              Sarah Jane, Maria, and Luke are joined by a new friend, Clyde, as all become embroiled in a new

              scheme by the worst crime family from Roxacoricofallipatorius to destroy the world.

            Story Three: Eye of the Gorgon (2 30-minute episodes)

               A woman with Alzheimer’s is the keeper of a strange pendant that an evil sisterhood desires to

               restore their goddess: the ancient Gorgon.

-         When booting up, this disc plays a trailer for the BBC’s Robin Hood series.  It is skippable with

your remote.

On Disc 3:

            Story Four:  Warriors of Kudlak (2 30-minute episodes)

              Luke and Clyde join a laser tag team while Sarah Jane and Maria investigate child disappearances.

              Could Luke and Clyde be the next to disappear?  (Well, of course they could be or else there

                        wouldn’t be much of an adventure, now would there?)

            Story Five:  Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?  (2 30-minute episodes)

              Maria wakes up one day to find Sarah Jane missing – and that she is the only one who remembers

              her ever having existed! 

-         When booting up, this disc plays a trailer for Doctor Who – The Complete Fourth Series box set.

It is skippable with your remote.

On Disc 4:

            Story Six:  The Last Boy  (2 30-minute episodes)

              Sarah and the others are shocked to see a missing child appeal on television that shows Luke!

              He is returned to his real parents, and the others begin to pick up the pieces… until Clyde

              finds a terrible secret about those so-called parents…  (They’re Slitheen!)       

-         “The Sofa Area”:  A graphic of Sarah’s sofa, where a book sits on the nearby coffee table.  This

book opens to display text synopses of every episode in the series.

            -     “Telescope”   Graphics of Sarah’s telescope again leading to two trailers for the series used on

                        CBBC, one of 20 seconds and one of 40 seconds.

-         “Mr. Smith”  More super-computer links to the following featurettes:

-         “Blue Peter TV Spot:  Making of a Slitheen Mask”  A 4-minute segment from Blue Peter

where Elisabeth Sladen is interviewed and where Yasmin Paige, Tommy Knight, and

Daniel Anthony try to make a Slitheen mask. 

-         “BBC Breakfast News TV Spot:  Interview with Elisabeht Sladen  An 8-minute interview

with Elisabeth Sladen from 2006 just before her reappearance in the School Reunion

episode of Doctor Who.

-         Audio Adventures

Two 1-minute audio-only trailers for two Sarah Jane Adventures talking books that available

Elsewhere:  The Thirteenth Stone and The Glittering Storm.

-         Photo Gallery.   A collection of still photos taken during the production.

-         Quiz Area…. Leading to Outtakes.    You’re asked some multiple choice questions about the

episodes.  Get five of them in a row right, and you’ll be played fifteen different outtakes

from the series, totaling about four minutes.


This is a standard-definition DVD release, though it is still in anamorphic widescreen (16:9).


The pilot episode aired on the 1st of January, 2007 on BBC1.  The rest of the season followed in the autumn

of 2007.