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The Sarah Jane Adventures  The Complete Second Season starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah

Jane Smith, Tommy Knight as Luke Smith, Daniel Anthony as Clyde Lander, Anjli Mohindra as

Rani Chandra, Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr. Smith, and guest starring Yasmin Paige

as Maria Jackson, Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and John Leeson as the

voice of K9.


A 3-disc box set of all 12 episodes (6 two-part stories) of the second season of this series. 


On all three discs, you will find:

-         Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         Sarah’s PC.   A menu leading to three sections of text files:

o       Character Profiles (bios of all the regular characters seen so far on the disc in question)

o       Investigating Tools (descriptions of alien artifacts and gear seen so far)

o       Alien Profiles (descriptions of the alien creatures seen so far)

-         Mr. Smith.  Sarah  Jane’s super-computer opens up to play the extra videos for you. See below.

On Disc 1:

-         Episode 1: The Last Sontaran  and Episode 2: Day of the Clown


In The Last Sontaran, a sole survivor of the Sontaran attack force (from the Doctor Who story

The Sontaran Stratagem) crash-lands on Earth and it’s up to Sarah Jane and her friends to stop him!


In Day of the Clown, new neighbor Rani is immediately sucked into the mystery of how missing

children tie in to the appearances of a sinister clown.


-         The Sofa Area.  We visit a virtual book near Sarah Jane’s sofa and read a synopsis of the

episodes from the first season.

-         Mr. Smith Videos: “Blue Peter Footage”  5 minutes of chat on BBC magazine show Blue Peter

with Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony, and Anjli Mohindra.

-         Audio Adventures:  A five-minute extract from a Sarah Jane Adventures audio book called

“The Time Capsule,” read by Elisabeth Sladen.


On Disc 2:

-         Episode 3:  Secrets of the Stars  and Episode 4: The Mark of the Berserker


In Secrets of the Stars, a television astrologer makes contact with alien forces that seek to use him

to find a way into our world.


In The Mark of the Berserker, Clyde’s father returns home at the same time as the gang discover

an alien medallion that can control minds.


-         Mr. Smith Videos:  “Me and My Movie Monday”  Three different segments from a CBBC

magazine series.  Two are 1:30 behind-the-scenes interviews with Tommy Knight, and one

is a 2-minute visit with Sound Engineer Julian Howarth.

On Disc 3:

-         Episode 5:  The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith  and Episode 6: Enemy of the Bane


In The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, the Trickster returns with a new trap for Sarah Jane:

the temptation to change history by saving the lives of her parents who died when she was a baby.


In Enemy of the Bane, Mrs. Wormwood returns to try to retake control of Luke, with the help

of another hidden old enemy. 


-         The Sofa Area.  We visit a virtual book near Sarah Jane’s sofa and read a synopsis of the

episodes of the second season.

-         Telescope.  Plays two videos:  Season 2 Cinema Advertisement (1:30) and “The Ten Doctors”

(1:00), a montage of clips from throughout Doctor Who, both classic and new series.

-         Mr. Smith Videos:  Series Scenes (a 1-minute photo gallery from the episodes) and

Behind the Scenes (a 1-minute photo gallery from behind-the-scenes)

-         Quiz Area.  You are presented with five multiple choice questions about the episodes on these

discs, and if you get all five correct, you will see an extra video.   (Get it wrong and you have

to start over with a different set of questions.) 

The video is a 5-minute special mini-episode called From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love

that ran as part of the BBC’s “Comic Relief” charity telethon in March 2009.








This is a standard-definition DVD release, though it is still in anamorphic widescreen (16:9).


Episodes originally transmitted in the Autumn months of 2008.