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The Sarah Jane Adventures  The Complete Fifth Season starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah

Jane Smith, Tommy Knight as Luke Smith, Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer, Anjli Mohindra as

Rani Chandra, Sinead Michael as Sky, and Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Mr. Smith.


1 DVD disc containing all 6 episodes (3 two-part stories) of the fifth and final season of this series. 


-         Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         Story 1: Sky                                      

-         Story 2: The Curse of Clyde Langer 

-         Story 3: The Man Who Never Was

-         "Goodbye, Bannerman Road - Remembering Elisabeth Sladen"  A featurette documentary

       of interviews with those who worked closest with her, including the cast and crew of the

       The Sarah Jane Adventures, and the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.


In Sky, trouble arrives on Sarah Jane's doorstep in the form of a baby, followed by a meteor crash,

an alien women, and metallic men.


In The Curse of Clyde Langer, Clyde finds himself ostracized by all his family and friends after he

touches a mystical totem pole, and forced to live on the streets with the homeless.


In The Man Who Never Was, Sarah Jane and her friends investigate the SerfBoard, a supposedly

fantastic new computer invented by a world-famous genius designer who appears to no longer really




This is a standard-definition DVD release, though it is still in anamorphic widescreen (16:9).


These are the concluding stories of The Sarah Jane Adventures, originally planned to form the first half

of a full-length fifth season.  For budgetary reasons, these three stories were shot back-to-back with the

fourth season in 2010.  These finished stories were still sitting on the shelf when Elisabeth Sladen became

terminally ill in early 2011, and were aired in the autumn of 2011 on the BBC as had originally been

intended, but now became the conclusion of the series.  These stories have never aired in North America.