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Series One: Volume One starring Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.


            - Graphical menus, “Play All” selection, Episode Selection, and Scene Selection Features.

            - Set Up menu that accesses the subtitles for the hearing impared and the soundtrack options (Dolby 5.1 sound on all the episodes)

            - All episodes are 45 minutes in length and in their original 16:9 aspect ratio.


            Episode 1: Rose                                    Originally transmitted on 26 March 2005 on BBC1.

            London shopgirl Rose Tyler stumbles across an invasion of Earth by shop window dummies in her own department store,

            and, a mysterious stranger who calls himself the Doctor, who enlists her aid in stopping them. 

            Guest stars Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith and Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler. 


            Episode 2: The End of the World         Originally transmitted on 2 April 2005 on BBC1.

            The Doctor takes Rose five billion years forward in time to the day the sun will expand and consume the Earth, to be witnessed by a

            party of very rich alien life forms... a party that starts to get smaller as one of them starts to bump of the other guests.                       


            Episode 3: The Unquiet Dead              Originally transmitted on 9 April 2005 on BBC1.

            The Doctor and Rose next take a trip back in time, to Christmas of 1869 in Cardiff, Wales, where none other than Charles Dickens

            is giving a recital from A Christmas Carol, at the very same time that seemingly real ghosts take over a nearby undertakers...  



If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then these are three stories, numbers 161-163, and episode numbers 705 through 707.