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Series One: Volume Two starring Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.


            - Graphical menus, “Play All” selection, Episode Selection, and Scene Selection Features.

            - Set Up menu that accesses the subtitles for the hearing impared and the soundtrack options (Dolby 5.1 sound on all the episodes)

            - All episodes are 45 minutes in length and in their original 16:9 aspect ratio.


            Episode 4:  Aliens of London  (part 1 of a 2-part story)         Originally transmitted on 16 April 2005 on BBC1.

            Episode 5:  World War Three   (part 2 of that 2-part story)     Originally transmitted on 23 April 2005 on BBC1.

            In this two-part story, the Doctor takes Rose back home for a visit, and at the same time an alien spacecraft crash-lands in the middle

            of London... or does it?  The government’s own investigations are mysteriously frustrated from within, and it will take the alien Doctor

            to figure out what these other aliens are up to...

            Guest starring Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler, Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones- MP Flydale North,

            and Annette Badland as “Margaret Blaine”.


            Episode 6:  Dalek                              Originally transmitted on 30 April 2005 on BBC1.

            Guest stars Bruno Langley as Adam Mitchell

            The Doctor and Rose investigate a distress call and find an alien museum belonging to the “owner” of the internet... whose prize possession

            is his one living specimen... a robotic creature kept locked in a cell that refuses to speak... until it sees the Doctor and says...




If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then these are ten stories, numbers 164 and 165, and episode numbers 708 through 710.