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Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series starring Matt Smith as the Doctor and

            Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, with Arthur Darvill as Rory.  Guest stars Alex

            Kingston as River Song.

6 Discs.  Available either on standard-definition DVDs or high-definition (1080i)


Included in each set:

            A lenticular outer cover, containing a “booklet” style box within with each

            disc on its own “page” of the booklet.  Also inside are 3 artwork cards depicting

            characters or objects from the series. 

On every disc:

- Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for

the hearing impaired.

- 16:9 aspect ratio.  480i on the DVDs, 1080i on the Blu-Rays.

- DTS HD 5.1 sound

- There is at least one commentary on each disc.  These are all “in-vision”

   commentaries, where a subwindow pops up and you watch the

   participants doing the commentary as the episode plays.

On Disc 1:

- Episode 1, The Eleventh Hour

   The newly regenerated Doctor crash-lands in the garden of 7-year-old Amelia Pond,

   who has a hell of a scary crack in her bedroom wall.

 - Episode 2, The Beast Below.

    The Doctor takes Amy to see “Starship UK,” where most of the nations of Britain

    are emigrating across the stars and living in fear of an unknown beast.

- Optional In-Vision Commentary by Writer and Executive Producer (showrunner)

   Steven Moffat, and Executive Producers Piers Wenger and Beth Willis on

   The Eleventh Hour.

- “Meanwhile in the TARDIS” Additional Scene.   An all-new scene in the TARDIS

   showing a conversation between Amy and the Doctor that takes place between

   the two episodes on this disc.  3 minutes in length.

-  Video Diary.  10 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage shot by the stars of the

    show between takes.

On Disc 2:

- Episode 3, Victory of the Daleks

   Winston Churchill calls his old friend the Doctor to see his latest weapon in the war

    gainst the Nazis: the Daleks!

 - Episode 4, The Time of Angels.

    Part 1 of a 2-part story.  Part 2 is on the next disc.  River Song returns to the Doctor’s

    life for his help with the capture of a Weeping Angel.

- Optional In-Vision Commentary on Victory of the Daleks by writer Mark Gatiss,

               Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs, and Dalek Operator Barnaby Edwards.

            - Optional In-Vision Commentary on The Time of Angels  by Steven Moffat and

               Karen Gillan.

- “Monster File – The Daleks” A 10-minute featurette about the redesign of the


- Video Diary.  9 more minutes of behind-the-scenes footage shot by Karen Gillan.

On Disc 3:

- Episode 5, Flesh and Stone  Part 2 of the story begun with The Time of Angels.

- Episode 6, The Vampires of Venice.

   The Doctor picks up Rory and takes he and Amy to a romantic spot, 16th-century

    Venice, where creatures that may be vampires are seemingly in charge.

- Episode 7, Amy’s Choice

   The Doctor visits Amy and Rory after they’ve left him, back in Leadworth, or does he?

   They then wake up, and they’re back in the TARDIS.  But then they fall asleep again,

   and they’re back in Leadworth… which is real, and which is dream?.

- Optional In-Vision Commentary by writer Toby Whithouse, actor Alex Price

   (Francesco), and Director Johnny Campbell on The Vampires of Venice.

- “Monster File – Weeping Angels” A 10-minute featurette about the Weeping Angels.

- “Meanwhile in the TARDIS” Additional Scene.  Another all-new scene in the TARDIS

   that takes place between Flesh and Stone and The Vampires of Venice. 4 minutes.

On Disc 4:

- Episodes 8 and 9, The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, a 2-part story.

   A deep drilling project unwittingly penetrates a lost city of a lost civilization, the Silurians,

   The reptile people who ruled the Earth long before humans.  And now they want it back.

 - Episode 10, Vincent and the Doctor.

    The Doctor and Amy spot an alien creature in a portrait by Vincent van Gogh, and

    seek him out in his own time to help fight it, as well as Vincent’s own personal demons.

- Optional In-Vision Commentary on Cold Blood by Director Ashley Way, actor Alun

  Raglan (Mo), and 2nd Assistant Director James DeHavalind.

- “Monster File – Silurians  A 10-minute featurette about the Silurians.

- Video Diary.  10 more minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the cast.

On Disc 5:

- Episode 11, The Lodger.

   The TARDIS malfunctions and leaves the Doctor on present-day Earth, where he’s

   forced to move in with a flatmate to find the source of the trouble.

 - Episodes 12 and 13, The Pandorica Opens, and The Big Bang. A 2-part story.

   River returns with warnings from the Doctor’s friends about the imminent destruction

   of the TARDIS, which has something to do with the Pandorica, a legendary box

    imprisoning the most feared being in all creation.

- Optional In-Vision Commentary on The Big Bang by Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill,

   and Director Toby Haynes.

- “Monster File – The Alliance” A 10-minute featurette about all the monster team-up

   in The Pandorica Opens.

- Outtakes.  7 minutes of bloopers from throughout the series.

On Disc 6:

- All 13 episodes of Doctor Who Confidential: Cut-Down.  Abbreviated versions of the

   behind-the-scenes documentary series that follows each episode’s broadcast in the UK.

- Trailers.  A 12-minute package of the trailers that previewed the series as a whole as

  well as each individual episode.  Also includes the main BBC America and Space (Canada)


** The episodes all originally aired with a “Next Time” trailer for the next episode that ran

just before the closing credits.  These have all been removed from the episodes on this set.  ****


If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then these are ten stories,

numbers 207-216, and episode numbers 768 through 780. 

Originally transmitted from April to June 2010 on BBC1 and BBCHD.