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The Complete Second Series Box Set starring David Tennant as The Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.


The box consists of a clear plastic sleeve that has some of the artwork and all of the back cover text on it.  Taking this off leaves a single

case that has artwork on it, including a holographic picture of the TARDIS and the time vortex that change as you move it with respect to your eyes. 

This box folds out three times to reveal artwork from throughout the seasonon the interior of the box and on the discs themselves. 

There are 6 discs.  The discs are on the right three folds of the box.  The left-most fold is a sleeve that contains a

20-page “Series 2 Episode Guide” booklet that details the set’s contents and contains nice pictures from the episodes. 


- On all 6 discs:

            - Graphical menus, “Play All” selection, Episode Selection, and Scene Selection Features.

            - Discs with special features have a special features menu that accesses the featurettes.

            - Set Up menu that accesses the subtitles for the hearing impared and the soundtrack options (Dolby 5.1 sound on all the episodes

                        or a commentary track.  Each disc has one commentary that is “in-vision” where a picture of the commentators is superimposed

                        on the picture, so you watch them as they watch the episode.  The other commentaries are traditional audio-only ones.)

            - All episodes are 45 minutes in length (except for The Christmas Invasion, which is 60 minutes) and in their original 16:9 aspect ratio,

                        with a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound mix.  All the episodes are as complete as they were on their original BBC1 broadcasts.

                        (If you saw these on The SciFi Channel, about half the episodes had material cut by SciFi for more commercials.  That missing

                        material is all present here, as SciFi have nothing to do with this release apart from advertising it.)


   - On Disc 1: 

            The 2005 Christmas Special: The Christmas Invasion           Originally transmitted on 25 December 2005 on BBC1.

                        The TARDIS crash-lands back in London, Christmas 2006, and the Doctor is unwell following his regeneration.  As Rose and her family

                        try to nurse him back to health, the sky overhead is filled with a vast, approaching spaceship that demands the total surrender of the Earth.

                        Will the Doctor recover in time to save his friends, the word, and Christmas?

                        Guest stars Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler, and Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones, Prime Minister.  

                        Written by Russell T. Davies.  Directed by James Hawes

                        - Optional in-vision commentary track by Russell T. Davies (writer and executive producer), Julie Gardner (executive producer),

                        and Phil Collinson (producer)


            Episode 1: New Earth                          Originally transmitted on 15 April 2006 on BBC1.

                        The Doctor takes Rose to the year five billion and twenty-three to visit the planet New Earth, where humanity has settled after the

                        destruction of the original Earth.  A mysterious message from a patient in a hospital there draws the travellers in to a trap set by their

                        old enemy, the Lady Cassandra O’Brien...                   

                        Written by Russell T. Davies.  Directed by James Hawes.

                        - Optional audio-only commentary track by director James Hawes, executive producer Julie Gardner, and Will Cohen (visual effects producer).


            Special Features:

            - Outtakes.   8 minutes of bloopers from throughout the season.

            - Deleted Scenes.    24 different deleted scenes from throughout the season.  Every episode is represented except for New Earth. 

                        The total running time is 16 minutes.     

            - Billie’s Video Diary. 

                        4 minutes of camcorder footage shot by Billie Piper herself during the making of episode 3.

            - The “Children In Need” special.         Originally transmitted on 18 November 2005 on BBC1. 

                        This is a special prologue scene for The Christmas Invasion that was made specially for the BBC’s annual charity telethon called

                        “Children in Need.”  It takes place within the TARDIS and shows the immediate aftermath of the Doctor’s regeneration. 

                        It has never been broadcast in North America. 

                        (Also, the version on this disc has the correct soundtrack.  When this was released in the United Kingdom, an incorrect soundtrack

                        from an earlier edit was mistakenly used.)                     


   -  On Disc 2: 

            Episode 2:  Tooth and Claw                Originally transmitted on 22 April 2006 on BBC1.

                        The TARDIS arrives in Scotland, 1869, where a cult of violent monks has laid a trap for Queen Victoria herself.  They plan to

                        transform her into the creature they all worship... a werewolf from beyond the stars...

                        Written by Russell T. Davies.   Directed by Euros Lyn.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by Russell T. Davies, David Houghton (Visual Effects Designer), and Steven Nicholas

                                    (Supervising Art Director). 

            Episode 3:  School Reunion                 Originally transmitted on 29 April 2006 on BBC1.

                        Mickey calls the Doctor and Rose back to Earth to investigate possible alien activity at a school.  The same alien stories have brought

                        another investigator, someone the Doctor knows very well... a journalist called Sarah Jane Smith and her robot dog K9.

                        Guest stars Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, John Leeson as the Voice of K9, and

                        Anthony Stewart Head as the Headmaster.

                        Written by Toby Whithouse.   Directed by James Hawes

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by David Tennant (the Doctor), Julie Gardner, and writer Toby Whithouse.

            Episode 4:  The Girl in the Fireplace Originally transmitted on 6 May 2006 on BBC1.

                        A spaceship’s clockwork robot crew from the 51st century is, for some reason, stalking a woman from the 18th.  This is Reinette,

                        better known in history as Madam de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV of France, and better known to the Doctor as

                        the one woman who can reach inside his thoughts and see the lonely little boy inside...

                        Guest stars Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith.

                        Written by Steven Moffat.   Directed by Euros Lyn

                        Optional in-vision commentary track by David Tennant, Sophia Myles (Reinette), and Phil Collinson.  


    - On Disc 3: 

            Episode 5:  Rise of the Cybermen (part 1 of a 2-part story)                 Originally transmitted on 13 May 2006 on BBC1.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Andrew Hayden-Smith

                                    (Jake Simmonds).

            Episode 6:  The Age of Steel (part 2 of that 2-part story)                      Originally transmitted on 20 May 2006 on BBC1.

                        Optional in-vision commentary track by director Graeme Harper, Paul Kasey (lead Cyberman actor), and Nicholas Briggs (Cyber Voices).

                        The TARDIS falls out of the vortex, sideways in time to a place that it shouldn’t be able to reach: a parallel Earth.  Here, Rose’s father

                        never died, Rose was never born, and Mickey is London’s most wanted resistor against Cybus Industries, a multi-national corporation

                        with a compulsory upgrade program for its customers that will unify the people with their technology.  It’s an all-too-familiar pattern

                        to the Doctor, for the victims are becoming one of his oldest enemies... the Cybermen.

                        Guest stars Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler, and Shaun Dingwall as Pete Tyler.  

                        Written by Tom MacRae.  Directed by Graeme Harper.

            Episode 7:  The Idiot’s Lantern                                                           Originally transmitted on 27 May 2005 on BBC1.

                        The Doctor and Rose visit London, 1953, just in time to catch the Queen’s coronation on that brand-new invention, television, just

                        like all the people in this ordinary neighborhood, except they’re not so ordinary anymore, as many of them have mysteriously lost their

                        faces to that lantern in the corner of the room.

                        Written by Mark Gatiss.  Directed by Euros Lyn.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by David Tennant, Edward Thomas (Production Designer), and a gentleman from the Mill.


    - On Disc 4:

            Episode 8:  The Impossible Planet (part 1 of a 2-part story)                Originally transmitted on 3 June 2006 on BBC1.

                        Optional in-vision commentary track by David Tennant, Shaun Parkes (Zachary Cross Flane), and Will Cohen.

            Episode 9:  The Satan Pit (part 2 of that 2-part story)                          Originally transmitted on 10 June 2006 on BBC1.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by Ronny Jhutti (Danny Bartok), director James Strong, and editor Mike Jones.

                        The Doctor and Rose arrive on a Sanctuary Base on a small, unnamed planet in an impossibly close orbit to a black hole, and

                        promptly lose the TARDIS to an earthquake.  They have no choice but to help the small group of humans there who are drilling into

                        the center of the planet to explore how this planet can possibly exist... and can the answer really be because the Devil himself lives here?

                        Written by Matt Jones.  Directed by James Strong.

            Episode 10: Love & Monsters                                                             Originally transmitted on 17 June 2006 on BBC1.

                        Elton met the Doctor once when he was a child, and craves to know more about him.  He and his friends form a club to try and find out

                        more about the Doctor, and it’s a lot of fun, until a mysterious stranger called Victor Kennedy arrives and takes over.  Though their

                        methods become more effective, it becomes more sinister with him around and with members of their club going missing. 

                        Will they find the Doctor in time for him to help them?

                        Guest stars Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler.

                        Written by Russell T. Davies.  Directed by Dan Zeff.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by Camille Coduri, director Dan Zeff, and Julie Gardner.


      - On Disc 5:

            Episode 11: Fear Her                                                                          Originally transmitted on 24 June 2006 on BBC1.

                        It’s London, 2012, and the Summer Olympics are about to be held.  The torch run is scheduled to pass through an ordinary neighborhood

                        with a terrible problem: its children are going missing.  The police can’t get to the bottom of it, but the Doctor and Rose think they’re onto

                        something when they spy an unearthly little girl with a talent for drawing.

                        Written by Matthew Graham.  Directed by Euros Lyn.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by writer Matthew Graham and Julie Gardner.

            Episode 12:  Army of Ghosts  (part 1 of a 2-part story)                        Originally transmitted on 1 July 2006 on BBC1.

                        Optional audio-only commentary track by Noel Clarke, Tracy Ann-Oberman (Yvonne Hartman), and Raji James (Rajesh Singh).

            Episode 13:  Doomsday (part 2 of that 2-part story)                             Originally transmitted on 8 July 2006 on BBC1.

                        Optional in-vision commentary track by David Tennant and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler).

                        This is the story of war on Earth.  This is the story of Torchwood and creatures from Hell itself.  This is the story of how Rose Tyler died.

                        Guest stars Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler, and Shaun Dingwall as Pete Tyler. 

                        Written by Russell T. Davies.   Directed by Graeme Harper.


         - On Disc 6:

            This is the Doctor Who Confidential  disc.   This was a documentary companion series to the main series that aired each week

            on BBC3 immediately after each Doctor Who episode had finished.  These episodes were originally 30 minutes long and were a mix

            of behind-the-scenes footage on the new series and clips of the classic series.

            These are abbreviated versions of those 13 episodes where they’ve removed all the classic series’ material.  They run between 10 and 12 minutes

            each now.  (The abbreviated versions are what’s used here because of the extensive and prohibitive copyright clearances that would be involved in

            republishing so many of the classic series clips, and for similar reasons much of the popular music that was used in the original versions

            has also had to be changed and replaced on these versions.)

            The episode titles are: 1. New New Doctor,    2.  Fear Factor,  3. Friends Reunited,  4. Script to Screen, 5.  Cybermen

            6. From Zero to Hero,  7. The Writer’s Tale,  8. You’ve Got the Look, 9. Myths and Legends,  10. The New World of Who

            11. The Fright Stuff  12.  Welcome to Torchwood and 13.  Finale


            Special Features:

            David Tennant’s Video Diaries.

                        This contains 85 minutes of camcorder footage shot by David Tennant himself throughout production of this season, and also covers

                        some of the side events he participated in. 

If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then these are eleven stories, numbers 171-181, and episode numbers 719 through 733.