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Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series starring Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan

  as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams, and guest starring Alex Kingston as River Song.


6 Discs.  Available either in standard-definition yet widescreen DVD or high-definition

(1080i) Blu-Ray.  The disc contents are otherwise identical between the sets.

It has an outer cover, containing a “booklet” style box within with each disc on its own “page”

of the booklet.  The booklet also has some pages detailing the contents, and a comic-book

style page of artwork that depicts key moments from the story arc.


On all of the discs: 

- DTS HD 5.1 sound.

- Graphical menus, scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.


On Disc 1:

The 2010 Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol.  62 minutes.  

Amy and Rory are trapped on a passenger spaceship carrying 4,000 people that cannot land

safely without the help of Kazran Sardick,  a miser who must be shown the true meaning of

Christmas by the Doctor tampering with his past to change his present and the future.


Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Toby Haynes.

Originally transmitted on 25 December 2010 on BBC1 and BBCHD.



- A Christmas Carol Confidential.  Full 56-minute length making-of-the-show documentary.

- Comic Relief Sketches: Space (4 minutes) and Time (3 minutes).  These are mini-episodes

  made for the annual Comic Relief charity telethon featuring the main stars, and the problems

  that arise when the TARDIS materializes inside itself.


On Disc 2:

Episodes 1 and 2:

The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon (2-part opener), where the Doctor, Amy,

Rory, and River discover an alien incursion in 1960s America involving President Nixon,

the space program, and a mysterious little girl.  If only they could remember the aliens…

Guest stars Alex Kingston as River Song.


Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Toby Haynes. 

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 23 and 30 April 2011.


Episode 3:

The Curse of the Black Spot, where our heroes visit a pirate ship in 1696 that is stranded

at sea and cursed by a siren…


Written by Steve Thompson and directed by Jeremy Webb.

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 7 May 2011.



- Commentary track for The Impossible Astronaut featuring Arthur Darvill, Producer Marcus

   Wilson, and Line Producer (US) David Mason.

- Monster File – The Silence.  An 11-minute featurette spotlighting the Silence monsters.

- Prequels.  These appeared on the BBC website in advance of the broadcast of Episodes 1

   and 3 and run 1-2 minutes long.  The first features President Nixon receiving a mysterious

   phone call in the Oval Office.  The other is a diary entry by Captain Avery about the

   circumstances that have befallen his pirate ship.


On Disc 3:


Episode 4:

The Doctor’s Wife, where a distress call from a Time Lord leads the crew to take the

TARDIS outside the universe, where the Doctor meets an old friend with a new face…


Written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Richard Clark.

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 14 May 2011.


The Monster Files: the Silence.  An 11-minute behind-the-scenes featurette about the making

of the monsters from the opening two-parter.


Episodes 5 and 6::

The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People (2-part story), where our heroes visit the future and

find a technology that copies people perfectly… too perfectly…  


Written by Matthew Graham and directed by Julian Simpson.

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 21 and 28 May 2011.



- Commentary track for The Doctor’s Wife featuring writer Neil Gaiman.

- Commentary track for The Rebel Flesh featuring actors Marshall Lancaster (Buzzer),

    Mark Bonnar (Jimmy), and Director Julian Simpson.

- Monster File – The Gangers.  A 13-minute featurette spotlighting the Gangers.

- “Night and the Doctor  These are a set of 4 mini-episodes exclusive to this set, never before

   seen on television.  They are:

   -  “Bad Night” (4 minutes) where Amy catches the Doctor off having adventures on his

        own while she and Rory sleep at “night” in the TARDIS. 

   -  “Good Night  (5 minutes) where Amy and the Doctor have a heart-to-heart about the

        conflicting memories she has about the two different timelines she’s lived in.

   -  “First Night  (2 minutes) where we see the first time the Doctor broke River Song out

        of Stormcage Prison for a night out on the universe.

   -   “Last Night  (4 minutes) where the Doctor takes River out three times over, and

        discovers the tragedy of one of those times. 


On Disc 4:


Episodes 7 and 8:

A Good Man Goes to War/ Let’s Kill Hitler, where the Doctor calls in old debts to take on the

forces against him, and where he at last finds out who River Song is…

And then in Part 2, longtime friend of Amy and Rory’s, Mels, hijacks the TARDIS for an encounter

with the greatest war criminal in history… and Hitler.

Guest stars Alex Kingston as River Song.


Episode 7 written by Steven Moffat and directed by Peter Hoar.

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 4 June 2011. (Formed the mid-season cliffhanger.)


Episode 8 written by Steven Moffat and directed by Richard Senior. 

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 27 August 2011.


Episode 9:

Night Terrors, where the Doctor makes a house call on a young boy who’s frightened

of the monsters in his closet… with good reason….


Written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Richard Clark.

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 3 September 2011.


Episode 10:

The Girl Who Waited. Amy becomes separated from the Doctor and Rory in a time

compressed hospital facilty, causing her to lose touch with them for over 30 of her own years…


Written by Tom MacRae.  Directed by Nick Hurran

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 10 September 2011.



- Commentary track for A Good Man Goes to War featuring actors Arthur Darvill, Neve

   McIntosh (Madame Vastra), and visual FX supervisor Tim Barter.

- Monster File – The Anti-Bodies.  A 9-minute featurette spotlighting the antibody robots from

   Let’s Kill Hitler.

- Prequels.  More from the BBC website.  Again 1-2 minutes long, and there are two here, one

   for A Good Man Goes to War where the Headless Monks make a purchase from Dorium, and

   one for Let’s Kill Hitler where Amy leaves a message for the Doctor on the TARDIS asking

   if he’s found her daughter yet.


On Disc 5:


Episode 11:

The God Complex  The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and a small party of people are trapped in a

setting that looks like a 1980s hotel behind the doors of which lie everyone’s greatest fears.


Written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Nick Hurran

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 17 September 2011.


Episode 12:

Closing Time   The Doctor pays a return visit to his lodger friend Craig, just to say hello

and goodbye, but a cybernetic rat does too…

Guest stars Alex Kingston as River Song.  Also features the Cybermen.


Written by Gareth Roberts and directed by Steve Hughes

Originally transmitted on BBC1 and BBCHD on 24 September 2011.


Episode 13

The Wedding of River Song  The Doctor must die.  It’s a fixed point time, and must always

happen, and when it does not… all of history breaks…

Guest stars Alex Kingston as River Song. 



- Commentary track for The Wedding of River Song featuring Writer and Executive Producer

   Steven Moffat, actress Francis Barber (Madame Kovarian), and Director Jeremy Webb.

- Monster File – the Cybermats.  A 10-minute featurette spotlighting the Cybermats seen in

   Closing Time.

- Prequel.  A 1-minute prequel from the BBC website for The Wedding of River Song where

   the ominous children’s rhyme plays over scenes from the episode.

- “Night and the Doctor – Up All Night.”  One more 2-minute scene from this series, although

   this one looks more like an unused website prequel. It goes with Closing Time and features

   Craig, Daisy, and baby Alfie in their kitchen just before Daisy leaves for the weekend.

- Trailers (2).  The 1-minute long each trailers that previewed the two halves of the season on

   the BBC. 


On Disc 6:

- Doctor Who Confidential Cut-Down.  These are abbreviated versions of the Doctor Who

   Confidential documentary series that accompanied each episode on BBC3 straight after

   BBC1 transmission.  (The series has just been cancelled as well, so this is the last set we’ll

   see these on.)

- The episodes are:  1) “Coming to America” (14 minutes), 2) “Breaking the Silence” (11 min),

    3) “Ship Ahoy!” (12 min), 4) “Bigger on the Inside” (12 min), 5) “Double Trouble” (14 min),

    6) “Take Two” (12 min), 7) “The Born Identity (9 min), 8) “River Runs Wild” (13 min),

    9) “About a Boy” (14 min), 10) “What Dreams May Come” (11 min), 11) “Heartbreak

    Hotel” (9 min), 12) “Open All Hours (13 min), 13) “When Time Froze” (9 min), and

    14) “The Night’s Tale” (15 minutes).

- That last one, “The Night’s Tale,” is exclusive to this set and has never been broadcast on

   television.  It spotlights, with Director Richard Senior, the making of the mini-specials that

   appear elsewhere on this set. 


Frequently Asked Question:  What are the differences between the “vanilla” versions of the

sixth series episodes that were released earlier and what’s on this set?

Answer:  Everything that was on the vanilla releases is also present on this set, with one

exception.  The standalone release of A Christmas Carol contained the 57-minute Doctor Who

at the Proms special of concert Doctor Who music from the Royal Albert Hall in the summer

of 2010.  That is not present on this set. 


If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then these are eleven stories,

numbers 217-227, and episode numbers 781 through 794.