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Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe starring Matt Smith as the Doctor,

            and guest starring Claire Skinner as Madge Arwell, with cameos from Karen Gillan as

            Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams.


The Doctor repays a debt to a widow of WWII by presenting her and her children with a

fabulous Christmas house and a gift that transports them to a wintery planet that has natural

Christmas trees... and an unexpected threat of extinction, unless the trees' own plan can

save them all.


- Available either as a standard-definition DVD or a high-definition (1080i) Blu-Ray.

- The 60-minute episode as shown on the BBC.  

- DTS HD Surround sound on the feature and the prequel.  Stereo on the "Best of" specials.

- Trailers for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (a video game coming in 2012) and for the

   Complete Sixth Series Box Set.

- Prequel.  A 1:30 prequel scene of the Doctor on the spaceship at the start of the show

   that featured on the BBC websites in the weeks prior to broadcast.

- BBC America's "Best Of" Specials.  These were 43 minutes each and featured American

   TV, music, and comedy figures discussing highlights from the entire series.  There are

   three here: "The Best of the Doctor," "The Best of the Companions," and "The Best

   of the Monsters."   (These seem to be taking the place of the usual Doctor Who

   Confidential special that would go on a release like this, but that series has been cancelled

   now and so there was no special to include this time.)

- Inside the cover is a set of 6 Doctor Who: Worlds in Time stickers. 


If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then this is story 228 and

episode number 795.


Originally transmitted on 25 December 2011 on BBC1 and BBCHD.