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Doctor Who: The End of Time  starring David Tennant as the Doctor, John Simm as the Master,

            and Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott.  Guest starring Catherine Tate as Donna Noble and

            Timothy Dalton as the Narrator.   (Also guest starring Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones,

            Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Camille Coduri

            as Jackie Tyler, and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. Oh, and the Narrator played by Timothy Dalton

is really Lord President Rassilon.)


The Doctor has been warned that his song is ending soon and that “he will knock four times.”  His old friends the Ood

further warn him of the nightmares to come… of the resurrection of his archnemesis, the Master back on Earth,

as Christmas of 2009 approaches.  Donna’s grandfather Wilf has nightmares of the Master too that cause him to seek

out the Doctor for help, and meanwhile a powerful man seeks out the Master for help with an alien machine he has

dubbed the Immortality Gate.  But can anything be truly immortal, when the prophecies agree that the end of time

itself approaches? 



2-disc set.  On both discs:

-    Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         5.1 surround sound

-         16:9 aspect ratio.

-         The disc boots up with trailers for other BBC Video DVD sets, but these are skippable with your remote.

-         Available in both high-definition (1080i) Blu-Ray or standard definition (480i) DVD.


On Disc 1:

- The 60-minute Part One with 5.1 sound

- Commentary track by actors David Tennant and Catherine Tate and director Euros Lyn.

- Doctor Who Confidential    57-minute behind-the-scenes documentary.

            **        There is a sound fault on this Confidential, where everything has been pitch-shifted downwards

                        by about half-a-note.  It now sounds as though it’s running a little too slow, but the running time

                        is actually the same as the original. 

            - David Tennant’s Video Diary   40 minutes of footage shot by David Tennant himself as he made the

                        episodes Planet of the Dead and The End of Time Part Two and did some media appearances

                        to promote the specials.

- BBC Christmas Idents.  Four short segments the BBC used at Christmas to introduce its Christmas

programming, all featuring the Doctor or the TARDIS and a Christmas theme.

On Disc 2:

- The 70-minute Part Two with 5.1 sound

            - Commentary track by actors David Tennant and John Simm and director Euros Lyn.

- Doctor Who Confidential    57-minute behind-the-scenes documentary.

            - Doctor Who at Comic Con 2009    A 21-minute featurette that follows the adventures of David Tennant,

                        John Barrowman, Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, and Euros Lyn as they were guests at

                        the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. 

- Deleted Scenes with Russell T. Davies Introductions     A 17-minute featurette showing a total of 12 scenes

deleted from across all the specials except The End of Time Part Two, each introduced by Russell

T. Davies who gives his reasons for their being cut.



This story is also available as part of The Complete Specials box set.  That version has all the same special features

that are in the standalone edition.


If one counts this series as a continuation of the original series, then this is story number 206, and episode

numbers 766 and 767.  Originally transmitted on 25 November 2009 and 1 January 2010 on BBC1 and BBCHD.