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Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest  an animated adventure starring the voices of David Tennant as the Doctor,

            Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones and Anthony Stewart Head as the villainous Balthazar. 

            1 disc.   Main program is 47 minutes.  Suggested retail price of $9.98. 

            -     This was originally a series of 3-minute-long separate episodes that ran as part of the children’s magazine

                        series Totally Doctor Who in 2007 concurrent with the broadcast of the 2007 season of Doctor Who

(Series Three).  All of the episodes have been edited together into one program on this DVD.

                        The villainous space pirate Balthazar tricks the Doctor and Martha into searching the universe for

                        the clues to the location of The Infinite, something which will give him his heart’s greatest desire.

-         Graphical menus, scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         16:9 enhanced aspect ratio.

-         Stereo sound.

-         The disc boots up with ads for other BBC DVD sets.  These are skippable with your remote.

-         Character Profiles.   Displays text and graphics of each of the speaking characters in the story.

-         Actor Interviews.  1-3 minute interviews with each of the following participants:  David Tennant,

Freema Agyeman, Anthony Stewart Head, Toby Longworth, and director Gary Russell.

-         Animation Tests.  42 seconds worth of animation demonstrations used in the pre-production process.

-         Photo Gallery. 

-         Trailers for the Complete Fourth Series box set and also The Sarah Jane Adventures.

-         Behind the Scenes With the Animators.  A 2-minute look at the animation studio.

-         Behind the Scenes With the Voice Artists (with Barney Harwood).  This segment, which appeared on

Totally Doctor Who, sees series host Barney Harwood visit the recording studio and contribute a

small acting role of his own.

-         Dialogue Recording:  Episode 1.   Raw video footage of the actors recording what was episode 1 of the series.

4 minutes.

            -     Dialogue Recording: Episode 9.  More raw video of voice recording, this time from episode 9.  4 minutes.

            -     Animatics and Deleted Scenes.  9 minutes of sketch art for scenes that were later fully animated, and a few

                        that never were.

-         1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the invisible text area below to see what it is and how to find it.

-         While on the main menu, highlight the “Extras” selection and then press the up arrow on your remote. 

A switch on the TARDIS console will light up.  Click on this and you will see a clip of David Tennant

recording the section where



Originally transmitted from March to June 2007 on CBBC.