Serial: 5T  Episode Nos. 552, 553, 554, and 555.  Title: The Keeper of Traken

The Keeper of Traken presides over the most harmonious empire the universe has ever known.  With his time of death nearing, the Keeper senses an all-pervading evil encroaching on Traken, and to combat it, he asks the Doctor to come to Traken.
Once there, the Doctor and Adric find themselves almost immediately framed for the disturbances that have been happening by a force of evil living inside an apparantly calcified statue... a force the Doctor knows all too well.

This story sees the debut of Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and the reintroduction of the Master, here played by Geoffrey Beevers.

starring Tom Baker as Doctor Who, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa, and Geoffrey Beevers as the Master. Written by Johnny Byrne, Executive Produced by Barry Letts, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and Directed by John Black.

Originally transmitted from 31 January 1981 to 21 February 1981 on BBC1.

- Digitally restored and remastered pictures and sound.

            - Graphical menus, episode selection, and scene selection features. 

            - Commentary track by writer Johnny Byrne and actors Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), and Anthony Ainley

                        (Tremas/The Master).  This commentary was recorded a few years ago and is unique in that it features Anthony Ainley in

                        the only DVD commentary he recorded before his death in 2004.

            - Information Text: pop-up production information subtitles that play throughout the story.

            - Subtitles for the hearing impaired.

            - “Sarah Sutton on Swap Shop  An 11-minute appearance by Sarah Sutton on Noel Edmunds’ Multi-Coloured Swap Shop from 1981,

                        when The Keeper of Traken was being broadcast.

            - “The Return of the Master  A new featurette about the reintroduction of the Master in this story, with interviews with actor

                        Geoffrey Beevers (Melkur/the Master), script editor Christopher H. Bidmead, and director John Black.  10 minutes in length.

            - “Being Nice to Each Other  A new featurette on the general making of this story, with interviews with actors Sarah Sutton (Nyssa),

                        Sheila Ruskin (Kassia), Geoffrey Beevers (Melkur/The Master), writer Johnny Byrne, script editor Christopher H. Bidmead,

                        and director John Black.  30 minutes in length.

            - Trails and Continuities.   Plays 6 minutes worth of the trailers and other BBC announcements that preceded or followed each episode

                        as it was originally broadcast in 1981.

            - Photo Gallery.  An 8 minute presentation of photographic stills of the production.

            - Doctor Who Annual 1982 and Radio Times billings.   If you place this DVD in the DVD-ROM drive of a computer, you can access

                        these .pdf files which contain the full text of the 1982 Doctor Who Annual and the Radio Times program guide listings for this story.

            - Isolated Music Option.  Select this and the episodes will play with only the incidental music score playing. 

            - 1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the invisible text section below to see what it is and how to find it.

                        - Keep watching episode 4 all the way through the closing credits.  When they’re done, a dedication to the memory of Anthony

                                    Ainley appears, plus a small clip of him as the Master taken from the 1997 PC game “Destiny of the Doctors,” which

                                    he recorded links for.  Most of the rest of these links will appear on the forthcoming DVD of the story Survival.

            - This DVD starts with an advertisement for the Doctor Who Series 2 box set that lasts 34 seconds, but you can skip through it with your

                        remote if you wish.