Serial: FFF  Episode Nos. 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, and 288.  Title: The Mind of Evil


Capital offenders are being treated experimentally by the Keller Machine, a device that

extracts the evil from men's minds.  The Doctor has grave misgivings about the machine's

true nature, especially when people who go too near it begin to die.  Meanwhile, UNIT is

handling the security for a World Peace Conference and also transporting a nerve gas

missile for disposal.  These three apparantly unrelated events are in fact all being linked

by the machinations of the Master...


starring Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who, Roger Delgado as the Master, Nicholas Courtney

as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Katy Manning as Jo Grant, Richard Franklin

as Captain Yates, and John Levene as Sergeant Benton..


Written by Don Houghton, Produced by Barry Letts, and Directed by Timothy Combe.


Originally transmitted from 30 January 1971 to 6 March 1971 on BBC1.
DVD Features:


A 2-disc set. 

On Disc 1:

-     All 6 25-minute episodes of The Mind of Evil. The story has been restored to full

            color throughout for the first time since the late 1970s. The color recovery

            technique was applied to episodes 2 to 6 and had its most successful results to

            date. Episode 1, however, had to be manually recolored, and this was done

            painstakingly over 18 months by Stuart Humphreys (@babelcolour on Twitter)

      and Peter Crocker, and if anything is the best looking episode of the set.

-          Graphical menus, episode selection features, and scene selection features.

-     Commentary track moderated by Toby Hadoke. The participants are actors

            Katy Manning, Pik-Sen Lim (Chin Lee), and Fernanda Marlowe (Corporal Bell),

            Director Timothy Combe, Producer Barry Letts, Script Editor Terrance Dicks,

            and Stunt Arranger Derek Ware.

-     Production Notes subtitles option. Displays pop-up production information as the story


-    While you’re in the Episode Selection menu, you’ll hear the audio of a 1971 trailer

            for this story.


On Disc 2:

-     The Military Mind.  A 23-minute making-of-the-story featurette featuring actors

            Nicholas Courtney, Fernanda Marlowe, and Pik-Sen Lim, script editor Terrance

            Dicks, producer Barry Letts, and director Timothy Combe.

-     Now and Then. A 7-minute featurette comparing and contrasting the locations as

            they appeared when the story was made in 1970 with how they look in the present.

-     Behind-the-Scenes: Television Centre.  A documentary made in 1970 about a typical

            24 hours at the BBC TV Centre. 24 minutes.

-     Photo Gallery.  A 5-minute compilation of still photos taken during the production of

            the story.

-     PDF Files.  Place this disc into a computer and you can access PDF files of the

            priginal Radio Times billings for the story, and a 1971 Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks

            Doctor Who promotion.

-     Coming Soon.  A 1-minute trailer for the forthcoming release of Spearhead from Space

            on Blu-Ray.