Serial: YYY  Episode Nos. 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, and 375.  Title: The Monster of Peladon


50 years after his previous visit, the Doctor returns to the planet Peladon to find it once again in a state of crisis. 

The Galactic Federation is at war with Galaxy 5, and the vital trisilicate supplies from Peladon are being interrupted by

labor strife among the Pel miners, strife that is amplified when the spirit of Aggedor appears and strikes men down. 

The Doctor suspects trickery is behind the apparitions, but his investigations are hindered when a Federation security force

of Ice Warriors arrives...


starring Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.  Written by Brian Hayles,

Produced by Barry Letts, and Directed by Lennie Mayne.


Originally transmitted from 23 March 1974 to 27 April 1974 on BBC1.
DVD Features:

2-disc set.   On Disc 1:

-     All six episodes of the story with full restoration treatment. 

-         Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         Optional commentary track by actors Nina Thomas (Queen Thalira), Donald Gee (Eckersley),

Ralph Watson (Ettis), and Stuart Fell (Alpha Centauri), script editor Terrance Dicks, and

producer Barry Letts. Moderated by Toby Hadoke.  This main commentary appears on all but

the fourth episode.  The fourth episode instead features a fan commentary with prominent fans

Rob Shearman (also a writer for the new series and Big Finish), Mark Aldridge, Kate Du-Rose,

and Philip Newman.

-         Information Text subtitles option.  Displays pop-up production trivia throughout the story.

On Disc 2:

-         “The Peladon Saga – Part Two”  A new 22-minute documentary about the making of this story

with interviews with everyone from the commentary, plus sound designer Brian Hodgson,

make-up designer Elizabeth Moss, and actors Sonny Caldinez (Sskel) and Nick Hobbs (Aggedor).

-         Deleted Scene.   The soundtrack of a scene deleted from Part One has been rediscovered and

presented here alongside still photos of the actors from the scene in question.  2 minutes.

-         “Where Are They Now?”  A 2-minute interview from 1980 with voice actress Ysanne Churchman,

who provided the voice of Alpha Centauri in both Peladon stories.

-         “On Target: Terrance Dicks”  A 22-minute documentary about the Target Books series of novelisations

of the TV episodes from the 1970s and 1980s with emphasis on Terrance Dicks, the most prolific

author of that range.  Features interviews with Terrance himself, plus writers Paul Cornell,

Gareth Roberts, Alan Barnes, and David Howe.

-      Photo Gallery.  An 8-minute compilation of photographic stills taken during the production.

-          PDF Materials.  Viewable by placing this disc in your computer’s optical drive, you can see PDF files

containing the Radio Times listings for these episodes from 1974, an 8-page BBC Enterprises

sales document for the benefit of overseas customers who might want to buy this story for their

own TV networks, and the production designer’s studio floor plan for the sets. 

-         2 Easter Eggs.  Highlight the area of blank text below to see what they are and how to find them.

1) From the Special Features menu, highlight the selection for Where Are They Now? and then press

the left arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear.  Click on this and you’ll see a 30-second segment

from a BBC News program from 1974 of Jon Pertwee racing Lord Montagu on tractors at what was

presumably a charity event.

                        2) From the Special Features menu, select PDF Materials.  Once in the PDF Materials screen,

                        highlight Special Features (if it isn’t already) then press the right arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will

                        appear.  Click on this and you’ll get to hear five minutes of audio outtakes from the film sequences

                        from this story.