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Serial: XX  Episode Nos. 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, and 237.  Title: The Seeds of Death Special Edition


Earth in the 21st century has abandoned rocket travel in favor of the T-Mat, an instantaneous

matter transmitter operated by relay from the Moon to everywhere on the Earth.  Earth's total

dependence on this system makes the Moon a ripe target for takeover by the Ice Warriors who

hope to use it and lethal seed pods of their own making to invade the Earth and transform it into

a world like their own.


starring Patrick Troughton as Dr. Who, Frazer Hines as Jamie, and Wendy Padbury as Zoe.

Written by Brian Hayles, Produced by Peter Bryant, Directed by Michael Ferguson.


Originally transmitted from 25 January 1969 to 1 March 1969 on BBC1.

This story originally came out on DVD in 2004.  Most of the special features that were on that edition

are on this one as well, with four exceptions:  the Who's Who text biographies of the cast, the "40th

Anniversary Celebration" music video, the New Zealand Censor Clips featurette, and "The Last

Dalek."  Who's Who and the music video were left off entirely, and the other two can be seen on

other DVDs still available (Lost in Time and the new special edition of Resurrection of the Daleks,

respectively).  The restoration work has been redone from scratch, and a mistake with the VidFIRE

in the original edition both sides of the break between Episodes 5 and 6 has been fixed as a result.


** Features that are new to this edition are listed in italics.


DVD features:

2 disc set: 

On Disc 1:

- All 6 episodes of the story, amazingly restored and given the VidFIRE video-look restoration


- Graphical menus, episode selection features, and scene selection features.

- Commentary track by Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), director Michael Ferguson,

   and script editor Terrance Dicks.  The commentators are mixed-and-matched on this one, that

   is to say some are only on certain episodes then leave, then come back later, in different combinations. 

- Production Notes Subtitles.

- Original 4:3 aspect ratio.

- The audio of the original BBC trailer for this story plays in the background if you go into the

   Episode Selection sub-menu.


On Disc 2:

- Lords of the Red Planet - a 29-minute featurette about the making of the story, featuring interviews

  with actors Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury, costume designer Bobi Bartlett, script editor

  Terrance Dicks, director Michael Ferguson, and Doctor Who historian Richard Bignall.

- TARDIS Cam No. 6 – a specially-shot new model sequence showing the TARDIS in an alien winter

    landscape.  1 minute long.

- Monster Masterclass.  A 4-minute interview with director Michael Ferguson about the monsters he

    worked with in the series.

- Monsters Who Come Back For More!  Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs and assistant Doctor Who

  Magazine editor Peter Ware discuss those Doctor Who monsters that came back for at least second

   encounters throughout the series.

- “Sssowing the Ssseedsss” – a 25-minute documentary about how the Ice Warriors were created

   and performed, featuring interviews with Alan Bennion (Slaar), Sonny Caldinez (a generic Ice Warrior

    in Seeds), make-up designer Sylvia James, and a little archival audio from Bernard Bresslaw (Varga, the

    original Ice Warrior from The Ice Warriors).

- Photo Gallery – a presentation of still photos from the production lasting 5 minutes.

- PDF Files.  Place this DVD into your computer's drive and you'll find a .pdf file containing

   the 1969 Radio Times TV listings for this story.

- Subtitle option, to allow all featurettes to be played with caption subtitles. 

- 1 Easter Egg hidden feature – highlight here to see how to get to it and what it is):

            On disc 2, arrow down to the selection for “Lords of the Red Planet,” then press the right arrow

            on your remote.  A Doctor Who  logo will appear highlighted.  Selecting this will play a 1 minute

            video showing the full commentary crew as they watched scenes from the start of episode 6.