Serial: G  Episode Nos. 31,32,33,34,35, and 36.  Title: The Sensorites


The TARDIS arrives aboard an Earth spaceship of the future.  The ship is trapped in orbit of an

alien planet, and the crew under psychic attack from its inhabitants: the Sensorites, who then

remove the lock of the TARDIS and thus shut everyone out.  Now their attacks start to target

the Doctor and his companions, but they soon realize these attacks are half-hearted... like the

Sensorites don’t want to kill them...   Whatever it is the Sensorites are up to soon involves Susan,

who turns against her own grandfather out of ... what?  Sympathy?  Coercion?  

Will the Doctor find the answers and the lock of the TARDIS in time?


starring William Hartnell as Dr. Who, William Russell as Ian Chesterton, Jacqueline Hill as

Barbara Wright, and Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman. 


Written by Peter R. Newman, Associate Produced by Mervyn Pinfield, Produced by Verity

Lambert, and Directed by Mervyn Pinfield and Frank Cox.


Originally transmitted from 20 June 1964 to 1 August 1964 on BBC1.

DVD Features:

- All 6 episodes of the story digitally remastered and restored.

- Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing


- Optional commentary track by actors William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, Joe Greig

    (several Sensorites), Martyn Huntley (1st Human), and Giles Phibbs (2nd Human),

    Make-Up Designer Sonia Markham, Production Designer Raymond Cusick, and

    Director Frank Cox.  Moderated by Toby Hadoke.

- Information Text subtitles option.  Displays pop-up production trivia throughout the story.

- "Looking for Peter"  A 21-minute documentary where Toby Hadoke and Richard Bignell

   get to the bottom of who the author of this story, Peter R. Newman, was. 

- Vision On.  A 7-minute interview with Vision Mixer Clive Doig who explains his old

   job's function and how the studio gallery worked during productions.

- Secret Voices of the Sense Sphere.  2 more minutes of Clive Doig explaining the origins

   of mysterious voices audible on the soundtrack at various points in this and other 60s


- Photo Gallery.  A 5-minute compilation of stills taken during production of the story.

- Coming Soon Trailer.  A 2-minute trailer for the forthcoming DVDs of The Robots of

   Death, The Tomb of the Cybermen, and The Three Doctors.  These came out under the

   "Revisitations 3" banner in the UK and this trailer is still labeled as such, but in North

   America they are being released separately as "Special Editions". 

- PDF Materials.  The Radio Times listings are available as a .pdf file if you put the disc

into a computer. Also available are some of Prod. Designer Raymond Cusick's

design drawings from the original production.