Serial: S  Episode Nos. 78,79,80,and 81.  Title: The Time Meddler

The Doctor and Vicki try to impress their new companion Steven with their time travelling when they appear to land in 11th century England on the northeast coast.  They keep getting frustrated by anachronisms they discover like a wristwatch, a grammophone record player, and an atomic cannon!  And yet the locals seem to be authentic Saxons, and the small band of Vikings who attack them also appear to be real... and indeed it truly is the late summer of 1066... a red-letter date in the calendar of English history, which seems to have attracted the attention of another time traveller...

starring William Hartnell as Dr. Who, Maureen O'Brien as Vicki, and Peter Purves as Steven Taylor.  Guest starring Peter Butterworth as the Meddling Monk.  Written by Dennis Spooner, Produced by Verity Lambert, Directed by Douglas Camfield.

Originally transmitted from 2 June 1965 to 23 June 1965 on BBC1.


-     4 25-minute episodes.

-         Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-         Commentary track by actor Peter Purves (Steven), Producer Verity Lambert, production designer Barry Newbery

and script editor Donald Tosh.  (this was recorded approximately one month before Lambert’s death in Nov. 2007)

-         Verity Lambert Obituary.   A text article memorializing the series’ founding producer.

-         Verity Lambert Photo Gallery.  A 2-minute selection of photos taken throughout Lambert’s television career.

-         Information Text option.  Displays pop-up production trivia subtitles throughout the story when selected.

-         “Stripped for Action – the First Doctor”  A new 16-minute featurette about the comic strips made in the 1960s that told further

adventures of the First Doctor.

-         The Lost Twelve Seconds.  A 1-minute featurette that explains what happens in the 12 seconds that are missing from the

film print of the final episode. 

-         Restoration.   A 5-minute featurette giving a before-and-after look at the restoration of the film prints for this DVD.

-         Photo Gallery.  A 3-minute selection of still photos taken during production, set to the stock music that was used in the story.

-         Radio Times Listings.  A pdf file of the original TV listings for this story, viewable by placing the DVD in the DVD-ROM drive

of either a PC or Macintosh computer.