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Torchwood – Children of Earth starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen,

            Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto, and Kai Owen as Rhys.


Torchwood is the spinoff series of the new series of Doctor Who starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness in charge of the

Cardiff branch of Torchwood, the secret British government agency tasked with collecting and controlling alien activity. 

The third season was a five-part miniseries that ran on BBC1 in the UK and on BBC America in the US and SPACE: The

Imagination Station in Canada in July 2009 

**Note that this is an adult series, with most episodes rated TV-MA, for sexual and violent content and swearing.


This is a 2-disc set.  It contains:

On both discs, 16:9 aspect ratio, DTS HD 5.1 sound, graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and optional subtitles

for the hearing impaired.  Both discs start with an advertisement for another BBC set, but this is skippable with your remote.

Each episode is approximately 60 minutes in duration.


On Disc 1:

- Episode 1: Day One

- Episode 2: Day Two

- Episode 3: Day Three

On Disc 2:

- Episode 4: Day Four

- Episode 5: Day Five

- Torchwood Declassified   31-minute behind-the-scenes documentary. (This is in standard-definition only on both editions.)


The surviving members of Torchwood begin to investigate a new global unknown threat, where all the children

in the world suddenly stop and recite the phrase “We are coming.”  Before they can act, however, a conspiracy

from within the British government itself places them all under repeated deadly threat.  


There are no commentaries on any of the episodes. 


This series is shot in high-definition (1080i).  It is available either on Blu-Ray discs in 1080i, or at standard-definition 480i on DVDs.

The edition available exclusively at Best Buy stores comes with a bonus CD on which is the 44-minute

Torchwood radio episode called “Lost Souls” that broadcast on the BBC in 2008 to coincide with the

switch-on of the CERN cyclotron in Switzerland, about which this story is about.  It stars the series’

regulars that survived season two, and guest stars Freema Agyeman as Dr. Martha Jones.


The back of the cover notes that “music in episode 5 differs from broadcast version.”  Based on reports

            I have read and my own comparison of the broadcast and on-disc versions, it seems that a complete

            score for this episode was finished and supplied to the disc manufacturers at a time just barely sufficient

            to meet their deadline.  Sometime after that, the producers or director decided they wanted a few changes

            in four particular sequences, and these were made to the version as-broadcast, but it was too late to change

            the discs as well.  In the first two instances, music was simply removed so that the scenes on the broadcast

            version played out without any music at all.  The first bit was a 30-second section that starts at about the 3:25

            mark, but the second is a longer section where music was removed on transmission from the second half of

            the scene where Frobisher has his final meeting with the Prime Minister.   The other two sequences are

            outright changes in the score during the climactic, dramatic scenes that start at about the 44:15 mark.

            The transmission version changes to a haunting female voice on the soundtrack, while the on-disc music stays

            more in the intense, rhythmic style of the rest of the episode.   I also think I spotted a change in a sound

            effect, which I’m going to hide in invisible text as it’s a very big spoiler.  Highlight the blank area next to see

            what is is:  in the scene where we hear the four gunshots of Frobisher killing his own family and then himself,

            the timing of the fourth gunshot has been moved to a fraction of a second later on the broadcast version versus

            the on-disc version.