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Catholic Church worldwide Sex Crime Behavior Just following orders! 


1. Interview by SNAP Leader Phil Saviano ---- Anderson Cooper Interview at: 2003 Interview: Former Boston SNAP Leader Phil Saviano

2. Copy of Confidential VATICAN DOCUMENT: Crimen Sollicitones ---

3. Link to BBC"S Sex Crimes and the Vatican ----

4. View Hand of God on line at PBS: Joe Cultrera's film Hand of God is available for download. Home page is:

5. Fox 45 News produced Betrayal of Trust an informative video describing efforts by SNAP and others to pass sexual abuse legislation.

6.  The Council of the District of Columbia Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary Public Hearing  go June 1 and click View Meeting for the complete Washington,  D.C. video hearing. It may take almost 1:50 to 2 minutes to start with:

It will take almost 1:50 to 2 minutes to start with:


Phil Mendelson, Chairman -- COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SAFETY AND THE JUDICIARY with introduction of council, and Procedures.


You can move about the testimony by watching the time on the bottom right hand corner. On the left hand corner you may drag the oval shape to the right of the green hand oval to the following times on the right hand bottom timer. 


5 min and 40 sec -- Panel 1: Mary Lou Lerry - Executive Director, National Center for Victims of Crime, Barbara Blaine - Executive Director - SNAP, Tim Healy - Survivor of clergy sexual abuse, and Vicki Polin - Executive Director, The Awareness Center.

31 min 45 sec -- Panel 2: Jane Belford, Chancellor, Archdiocese of Washington and Kevin B. Baine, Counsel, Williams and Connoly. 52 min and 50 sec -- Panel 1 answers counsel questions:

1 hr 35 min. and 45 sec. -- Panel 2 answers counsel questions.

2 hrs, 12 min and 15 sec -- Laura Hankins, Special Counsel to the Director, Public Defenders Office and 2 hrs, 19 min and 30 sec -- Patricia Riley, Special Counsel to the U.S. Attorney, U.S. Attorney's Office followed by questions.

2 hrs, 41 min and 45 sec -- Vicki Polin - Executive Director, The Awareness Center, David Clohessy - National Director, SNAP,  Jeffrey Dion - Deputy Director for the National Crime Victims Bar Association and Ellen Reddy Public Witness.

3 hrs, 15 min -- Rev. Clark Lobenstine, Executive Director, Inter-Faith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Rev. Monsignor Raymond East, Pastor St. Teresa of Avilia, Catholic and Rev. Monsignor St. Thomas More Catholic Church -- 3 hrs, 32 min, 30 sec, Rev. Clark Lobenstine relates he represent only 4 folks he  polled on a phone conference call for his position against Civil SOL.

3 hrs, 39 min and 10 sec -- Ted Thompson, Executive Director, Sexual Abuse Prevention Network, Steven Abrams - Survivor of child sexual abuse by a psychiatrist, Michele Booth Cole, Executive Director, D.C. Children's Advocacy Center, and Michael Nugent, Public Witness

4 hrs, 07 and 20 sec -- J, Robert Burgoyne, Public Witness, Helen Daly, Co-founder, Survivors Network US and J. Scott Sager, Co-founder, Survivors Network US and J. Scott Sager.

4 hrs, 22 and 45 sec -- Professor Marci Hamilton - Attorney, specialist in Constitutional law, First Amendment, Law & Religion, Joe Michael Donovan, Public Witness and Joe McMorrow, SNAP

4 hrs, 48 min -- Father Thomas Doyle, Public Witness, David Forwengler, SNAP, Alan Davis, SNAP and 5 hrs, 3 min and 53 sec. -- Charles Malineaux, Lay Catholic

5 hrs, 15 min -- Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., National Congress of Black Women, Inc., Diaris Marie Jackson, Phd, Public Witness, Murray Levin - Public Witness, 5 hrs, 27 min. Judge Sheila Murphy, Public Witness,

5 hrs, 38 min and 10 sec.-- Francis Bacon, SNAP

5 hrs, 41 min 20 sec. -- Patrick Wall, Public Witness

5 hrs, 45 min -- Larry Dassen, Public Witness

5 hrs, 54 min 30 sec -- Lee Hoke, SNAP

6 hrs, 4 min -- Kevin Floyd, Public Witness

6 hrs, 8 min -- Claudia Vercollotti, Founder, Toledo Chapter of SNAP

6 hrs, 17 min -- David Rubenstein, Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General


6. Abuse cases test trust at academy,0,2207793.story?coll=bal_tab01_layout

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