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Post Game Discussion

Eagles go down!

It was great to see the boys pull off a big win over the 3rd ranked Eagles!  We have been blessed with some great play through the Cup games and have used that momentum to get a league victory.  Let me start off by saying I stepped away from the rail on the deck for a second and missed the first goal.  Explained to me as the goal of the season, and perhaps one of franchise best ever.  Excluding Taz's free kick in New England (that goal will always stand alone) another great Open Cup run.  City came out playing with speed and control which made for a rather exiciting run of play.  Most important was the presure put on the Eagles backs, as the Islanders attacked with purpose.  Constantly looking for holes in the back line, and going forward with confidence much more than in the first half of the season.  The Hecklers would love to give a shout-out to #11 respectfully called the "old man" on the deck, for his passion, intensity, and persurverence.  We feel that is a serious factor in the change the team is making into the down hill portion of the season.  Climbing out of the basement will be difficult, we feel it can be a reality with the way we have looked lately.  Also just a little something to throw out there for some feedback, our new super sub needs a nickname.  Im leaning towards the "Flying Cinder Block"  If you are feeling it post your opinion.  And lastly, if anyone has found the bike on video please let me know, I dieing on the inside having missed it. 

Thanks gang see you next weekend, Enjoy the holiday weekend!

The match was rather even from a spectators view, some back and forth with the Islanders on the better half of the ball.  The game was 0-0 prior to an unusual goal from our center back.  Bixler scores a great volley from the edge of the box to put our boys up 1-0.  Later in the game #11 subs in and gets the assist off the Union loan goal.  Thanks Philly!  A great shot rather nice build up.  The only downer was the PK awarded to the visitors late in the 2nd.  A blast from the past gets the back of the net, the goal scorer used to wear the Hershey Wildcats colors of the former A-league.  After dodging a few rain drops throughout the evening, a good time was had by all in attendance.

CV marching band sounded nice from the other side of the field, look forward to seeing more of you.

And Bix, if you want Paul and I to stop by early and discuss the weather or how bad watching Anchor Man can be the 1,000th time.  No problem, if it equals goals....I'll camp out the night before.

2010 1st Home Game

Not good.

A dark cloud made its way over the island a metaphor for what would be the next 90 minutes of play.  With weather keeping the fair weather fans at home, the true blue came out and prepared for what we were hoping would be exciting soccer.  During the start of the game our boys looked good, linking passes, changing the point of attack, and creating dangerous chances.  The goalie seemed to have our number and other that his large frame giving him some advantage, we did not really test him.

The good...

We did get to see some old friends and some old players, Schoie looked good and hopefully will bring some of the championship team feeling into this young group.  We felt that Bix played a good game and hope we have a plan for the defense while he sits out for the red.  The boys look like the potential for some great moments are ready to burst we just need to start clicking or find a spark out of someone on the bench.

Sadly we left the Island heads down disappointed with a 2-0 loss. 

What a game!  Looking tired and sloppy for the start of the match, with poor passes and giving up a goal early, the fans were feeling the magic leaving the island.  Then we call upon our mystical player of the season T-Ship, as he navigates the murky waters of Crystal Palace defense.  Floating past players and making the GK look stupid as he gets chipped off the cross bar.  It was beautiful.  We from the deck were in total suspense as the ball looked to be suspended in the air, taunting the opposing players.  Perhaps it was the spirit of the "bandanna boyz" that made that ball drop on the favorable side of the line.  It was exciting to see the 2 individuals with white shirts, and blue bandanna's, banging the drum, and flying the banner wishing DC best wishes for Tuesday night.


The second half produced 2 great goals by my favorite #11 the 'druber.  A wonderful substitution by Becher bringing speed and size up top causing direct pressure on the defensive line and the shaky Brian "nice uniform, bedazzled himself" GK.  Don't think we did not see the wonderful build up to produce these, The deuce-deuce with a terrific ball.  We look forward to watching some more wonderful plays 7-7 in Md. Putting another MLS team in their place.

Let's Go Islanders.

Let me start by saying sorry I missed the cup game.  Man am I sorry.  It sounds like the deck was the best scene of the season.  Good thing Bixler has enthusiastic family.  Taking it down to the 6th shooter in OT, penalties, singing.  After telling me about the game, you might as well come over and kicked my dog.  I will never be able to let down this missed game.

So with 2 great games we were able to welcome back two of our former boys.  Barbosa who has great taste in footware and the ever lovable Dave Kern.  Both of which made our team look like we are in first place.  Ty is making waves as one of our best players ever, and the supporting cast has been amazing.  I thought Nate played a great game in the back, and we moved the ball better than ever.  Big ups to the coaching staff for this squad thus far.

Look forward to hearing what everone else thinks, and did I hear someone say road trip.  I always wanted to tour Sam Adams anyway.

We have official jumped into the Open Cup this summer with some furry.  Winning over the Rage 4-1 makes a good statement to the rest of the field.  With the Wester Mass squad showing up tuesday we must once again show up with force.  Not to jinks, but moving ahead would be the Rev's.  New England was the team to end a wonderful run 2 years ago, loved to have that chance again.

This weekend we have The Hairy Pigs, who got us on their Island.  Not to happen again, we will stay on the top of the usl-2 and prepare for a big upcoming week.  This is going to be difficult for CI with key members of the defense out with injuries.  We are pulling for you Bix, "let the healing begin!"

2nd Home Game

What a win!!!!  We saw some great soccer that windy night on the Island.  A 3-0 victory over the river rats is always welcomed.  Other than the goal scoring power, soon to be league leader, Chad. And the wonderful talent of Mr. backwards (Congrats on your first goal) Ty, what are your thoughts of our 2nd Home Victory!!!

Game 1

After the first home game of the season, what are the thoughts of our squad?


With several games needing to be recapped the boys have been busy.  The road has not been favorable for the Islanders this summer, and we have seen some struggling times in person, Richmond and old Ron in the net.  Just to name a few, not to mention injuries and personal issues the Islanders have stumbled through the first half of the season.  Not many goals tallied on the score sheet, coming from few scoring chances and a style of play that has been unsuccessful in regular season play.

The Open Cup matches have been exciting and the win or get out has kept us on the attack.  First was the double OT, then a familiar opponent as the Rough Riders came back to the Island.  With those wins the Islanders will face the Red Bulls this coming Thursday, a challenge we should all being gearing up for.  Hear you on the Island.



Some nice things being produced in the way of attacking soccer, the boys seem to be linking up and combining to get in behind. The old long ball of years ago has vanished and some key components seem to be filling the gaps. One original still hanging around looked good in the scrimmage. Some new comers in the middle putting it together, replacing Mo and bringing new life to the squad. The only down side of the final home scrimmage was Danny getting chipped from 30 out. We look forward to seeing the first win of the year at home on the island. Thanks to Union for the loaners in the Richmond tie, only good can come from the partnership.

The Heckler