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Eagles go down!

It was great to see the boys pull off a big win over the 3rd ranked Eagles!  We have been blessed with some great play through the Cup games and have used that momentum to get a league victory.  Let me start off by saying I stepped away from the rail on the deck for a second and missed the first goal.  Explained to me as the goal of the season, and perhaps one of franchise best ever.  Excluding Taz's free kick in New England (that goal will always stand alone) another great Open Cup run.  City came out playing with speed and control which made for a rather exiciting run of play.  Most important was the presure put on the Eagles backs, as the Islanders attacked with purpose.  Constantly looking for holes in the back line, and going forward with confidence much more than in the first half of the season.  The Hecklers would love to give a shout-out to #11 respectfully called the "old man" on the deck, for his passion, intensity, and persurverence.  We feel that is a serious factor in the change the team is making into the down hill portion of the season.  Climbing out of the basement will be difficult, we feel it can be a reality with the way we have looked lately.  Also just a little something to throw out there for some feedback, our new super sub needs a nickname.  Im leaning towards the "Flying Cinder Block"  If you are feeling it post your opinion.  And lastly, if anyone has found the bike on video please let me know, I dieing on the inside having missed it. 

Thanks gang see you next weekend, Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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