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BIG WEEK, welcomes the start to summer.

Let me start by saying sorry I missed the cup game.  Man am I sorry.  It sounds like the deck was the best scene of the season.  Good thing Bixler has enthusiastic family.  Taking it down to the 6th shooter in OT, penalties, singing.  After telling me about the game, you might as well come over and kicked my dog.  I will never be able to let down this missed game.

So with 2 great games we were able to welcome back two of our former boys.  Barbosa who has great taste in footware and the ever lovable Dave Kern.  Both of which made our team look like we are in first place.  Ty is making waves as one of our best players ever, and the supporting cast has been amazing.  I thought Nate played a great game in the back, and we moved the ball better than ever.  Big ups to the coaching staff for this squad thus far.

Look forward to hearing what everone else thinks, and did I hear someone say road trip.  I always wanted to tour Sam Adams anyway.

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