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The Schwartz-n-drubber

What a game!  Looking tired and sloppy for the start of the match, with poor passes and giving up a goal early, the fans were feeling the magic leaving the island.  Then we call upon our mystical player of the season T-Ship, as he navigates the murky waters of Crystal Palace defense.  Floating past players and making the GK look stupid as he gets chipped off the cross bar.  It was beautiful.  We from the deck were in total suspense as the ball looked to be suspended in the air, taunting the opposing players.  Perhaps it was the spirit of the "bandanna boyz" that made that ball drop on the favorable side of the line.  It was exciting to see the 2 individuals with white shirts, and blue bandanna's, banging the drum, and flying the banner wishing DC best wishes for Tuesday night.


The second half produced 2 great goals by my favorite #11 the 'druber.  A wonderful substitution by Becher bringing speed and size up top causing direct pressure on the defensive line and the shaky Brian "nice uniform, bedazzled himself" GK.  Don't think we did not see the wonderful build up to produce these, The deuce-deuce with a terrific ball.  We look forward to watching some more wonderful plays 7-7 in Md. Putting another MLS team in their place.

Let's Go Islanders.

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