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2010 1st Home Game

Not good.

A dark cloud made its way over the island a metaphor for what would be the next 90 minutes of play.  With weather keeping the fair weather fans at home, the true blue came out and prepared for what we were hoping would be exciting soccer.  During the start of the game our boys looked good, linking passes, changing the point of attack, and creating dangerous chances.  The goalie seemed to have our number and other that his large frame giving him some advantage, we did not really test him.

The good...

We did get to see some old friends and some old players, Schoie looked good and hopefully will bring some of the championship team feeling into this young group.  We felt that Bix played a good game and hope we have a plan for the defense while he sits out for the red.  The boys look like the potential for some great moments are ready to burst we just need to start clicking or find a spark out of someone on the bench.

Sadly we left the Island heads down disappointed with a 2-0 loss. 

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