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1st Home win of 2010

The match was rather even from a spectators view, some back and forth with the Islanders on the better half of the ball.  The game was 0-0 prior to an unusual goal from our center back.  Bixler scores a great volley from the edge of the box to put our boys up 1-0.  Later in the game #11 subs in and gets the assist off the Union loan goal.  Thanks Philly!  A great shot rather nice build up.  The only downer was the PK awarded to the visitors late in the 2nd.  A blast from the past gets the back of the net, the goal scorer used to wear the Hershey Wildcats colors of the former A-league.  After dodging a few rain drops throughout the evening, a good time was had by all in attendance.

CV marching band sounded nice from the other side of the field, look forward to seeing more of you.

And Bix, if you want Paul and I to stop by early and discuss the weather or how bad watching Anchor Man can be the 1,000th time.  No problem, if it equals goals....I'll camp out the night before.

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