CI Hecklers

Needing wins on the road to advance up the table in the USL, we can watch both matches on USLNation and continue to follow our squad on the road.

Just as important, is watching our run in the oldest american soccer tournament in history.  The Open Cup continues Union vs. Islanders @ PPL Park tuesday night.  A $50 bus trip is available including ticket to those who would like that style of sports entertainment.  I personally have had wonderful bus trips with the Islanders in the past.  Don't ask it's personal.  ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

 Keep up the noise gang!


The CI Hecklers are a group created to follow, support, and cheer on professional soccer in the City of Harrisburg


Let's Go Islander's!!!!

This Page will be the major communication link between the members of this organization, as well as a forum of discussion throughout the season. 

Be sure to click on Hecklers News for the latest updates on what is going on with our favorite local club, insider stories, and player opinion.  Photo's will be added to the Gallery after our next public engagement.  Let's not forget about the Blogs and guest book, the friendly banter between fellow fans of the game.  Getting excited for another wonderful -summer on the Island, see you all soon.   

  -The Heckler

The Heckler