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Fresh Ground Coffee Espresso

A full-bodied and intense equal combination of espresso and steamed milk, capped with a foamy lid, creating a luxurious drink that can be garnished how you like it.

Café latte                 

A long smooth coffee made with espresso and steamed milk. Served in a tall glass and topped with a small amount of foamed milk to create a delicate first impression.


A short potent coffee served black, in a small demitasse glass. Characterized by a flavor and aroma so intense they bite.

A delicious medley of pure espresso and real chocolate filled with steamed milk, and crowned with a swirl of whipped cream. Completed with a dusting of  chocolate for a rich and indulgent chocolate coffee experience. 

Our Specialty Coffees
Tantalizing espressos prepared to uncompromising standards, upon request, topped with gently laid whip cream, and flavor of your choice, e.g., Hazelnut, Crème de Mint, etc. which are intense marriages of coffee, choice of flavor, and cream.