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If you're new to Bunni's place, please enjoy what you find here!
This site has been in existence since 2003. It began as a way for me and my family to easily share what we are all about and the things we enjoy. As we have moved and changed, so to has the site. I do hope both old and new visitors alike, enjoy what they find here.

If you have been here before, I've made some changes to my site. I've created this site with the help of GIMP and a wonderful tutorial by TechnoMono.  I've coded the site by hand and also in KompoZer and FrontPage.  Please be sure to check these programs and tutorials out if you're interested in creating a website, creating graphics, or learning CSS and XHTML.  GIMP and KompoZer are open-source programs and free!

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome.

I'm working on updating the site, so stay tuned for changes and prettiness.  I just fixed and removed some broken and outdated links.

For those that end up here to look at Anders' Radios or his Audiophile page, he's currently doing repairs and modifications at:

Vintage Hi Fi of Pittsburgh

  Check it out!



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