About Us


Bunni:  That's me!

I'm 51 and living a bit East of Pittsburgh, PA. I'm a Computer Technician, and a Geek. I have played with and worked with computers since 1981. I enjoy crochet, knitting, computers, computer games, and playing with graphics. My main role is to keep everyone else organized, the house running smoothly, and money in the bank. Hard to do these days!



Anders: My husband

He is 50, and is an Electronic Technician. He is an audiophile and he collects antique radios. Anders has been working on electronics since he was 6 years old. He modifies and repairs high-end audio equipment. Anders, like the rest of us is a computer geek, and as a matter of fact we met online. We talked online for 3 years, before meeting face to face. We've been together another 8 years since then.

You can find him these days at Vintage HiFi of Pittsburgh.


Len: My Son

Len is my 26-year old son. He graduated from CTI with an Associate Degree in Computer Technology in December 2006. Len is a gamer and computer geek. He loves computer games of all kinds, as well as Playstation & Playstation2, Gameboy, and Nintendo 64 games. Len has been recently playing with Android quite a bit and is engaged!



Emily: My daughter

Emily is my 18-year old daughter. She is in 12th grade. She loves to read, her favorite books being textbooks and non-fiction. She is in the gifted program at school. Emily is also a computer geek and is very interested in computer animation and graphic design. She also really enjoys playing with her Nintendo DS.


Snickers: Her Highness

Snickers is our female cat and is about 9 or 10 years old now. She is independent, and very feminine. She is truly the queen of the house and is referred to as "the angel" (but we all know better).


Jeffrey: Our Catdog

Jeffrey is 5 years old, male, and always interested in learning new things. He watches carefully while Anders works on electronics, or supervises the plumber when he makes a visit. The most significant thing about Jeffrey is his size. He weighs about 27 pounds, and has huge paws. He plays fetch much like a dog does, and sometimes we think he might really be a dog.

Both cats are of the Tabby variety, tiger-striped (Jeff is speckled as well), with the telltale "M" on their foreheads.  Both of them are loving, wonderful cats and truly members of the family.



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