We are all big gamers.  If you don’t hear anything when you walk in my house, chances are everyone is at their respective computers, playing games.  Every now and then, we can tell when someone gets frustrated.  There’s usually some yelling and a few choice words.

My first exposure to gaming was through an Atari 2600 and Space Invaders!  Somewhere around that time I got to play Sierra's King's Quest in glorious CGA composite graphics.  Shortly after that, I obtained my first computer, which I detail a bit more in the computer section, and my computer gaming habit developed from there.  At one time I owned about 300 computer games, most of which were on 5.25" disk.

I was the one who got my kids into gaming, not the other way around. Their first experiences with gaming were through the many educational games that were available.  

Some people think computer games aren’t good for kids.  From my point of view games are good.  My daughter has some motor delays, and gaming has helped develop her hand-eye coordination.  We try to limit it however, as too much of a good thing, isn't good.

You might have heard a lot of controversy about violent video games creating violent behavior in our youth.  We as parents must take personal responsibility for what we allow our children to experience, and we get to decide at what age they are mature enough to handle certain content.

That being said, I find far more violent behavior on the nightly news, than I do in video games.  If you're going to limit exposure to violent video games, or if your child is sensitive to such things, then limit as well violent TV, movies, cartoons, news, etc.  Those ratings on the game boxes are there to help us make better decisions.  The games I choose to play as an adult, if inappropriate for my kids, I'll play at a time they aren't exposed to them.  I think there would be less controversy if people just had more respect for each other, and took a little more personal responsibility.  I realize that many don't share that view, and that's cool.  We agree to disagree.

My favorite genre are Role Playing Games (RPGs).  I like Strategy, Adventure, First-person shooters, and puzzle games as well.  My preference is computer games.  The kids like a combination of console and computer.

In any case we all love games and we've come a long way from this:

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