Craftsman Bandsaw

I've made a few mods to my early 1980's Craftsman 12" Bandsaw. After carefully alignment the saw now does a decent job cutting. For what it is the performance is not bad, though it is nowhere near the capacity I want to have for resawing. There is no provision for adding a riser block to this style bandsaw. Also, the frame design is not that rigid. By that I mean  when blade tension is adjusted beyond a certain point the the frame will begin to flex and additional blade tension is not applied. Still, I have been able to do some resawing of boards up to 6" wide with decent results.

  • Added the FastTrak bandsaw fence with a piece of 1x1x1/8"
    aluminum angle added to support the far side of the fence.

  • Added a second dust port below the table in addition to the
    factory port at the bottom rear of the cabinet. These two
    2-1/4" ports are piped into a 4" wye for connection
    to my dust collection system.

  • Removed the stock blade tension knob and replaced it with a
    crank handle which makes tension adjustment much easier.

  • Stiffened the stand by adding a piece of 3/4" plywood under the saw.


  • MAX Blade Size: 1/2"

  • Blade Length: 80"

  • Resaw Capacity: 6.5"

  • Throat Capacity: 12.5"

  • Motor: 1/2 HP - 1725 RPM