Squeeze Me HARDER!!!

OH, yes!!  I do love wrassling around.
Course I never worry too much about who wins or not.  As long as their legs get wrapped around my neck in a tight head scissors, I'm in heaven!

So do you have some nice legs because the guy
I'm looking for is one who thinks like this:

"I'm a big fan of ALL head scissors, figure 4, straight, open, from behind, on top, beside.  Love to get a guy's head between my thighs, then scissor my legs together and slowly increase the pressure till he submits, then loosen it off a little and keep him there for a while!"

If you're between the age of 22 and 36 with strong thighs 
And are height weight proportionate
And love to make a man know
He has your thighs wrapped around him
drop me a note if you're in Seattle.

what ya doin?

This is NOT about breath control or trying to make someone passout
Breath Control can kill
And I do NOT recommend it, or engage in it.

Some of MY FAV Scissors


"Oh, sure, I'll give you a squeeze."

squeeze002m.jpg (43554 bytes)

Ah, sometimes you meet someone, and at leastfor me the first thought is:  Man, would I love to feel those legs wrapped around my neck.

squeeze002n.jpg (52869 bytes)

This wasn't the first nor the last time I had those thighs locked tightly around my neck.  All I know is, when he comes over to visit there is going to be a pair of thighs locked around me.

squeeze002o.jpg (64669 bytes)

So many times I have to teach them how to squeeze. And I had to just tell him, and once he figured out that he could lock those thighs tight around my neck there have been any times I have wondered  while those legs seem to be locked into a warm rock embrace, 

"Why did I let him do this?"

squeeze002p.jpg (53376 bytes)

There was on occasion he came over that I won't for forget.  It was kinda late when he came over.  I was a bit tired and not really in the mood to play.  But he was ready to play that day.  We were sitting on the bed in the bedroom, "Oh, come on, on little squeeze."  It was shortly after hearing those words that I felt his legs up and over my shoulders, and the pressure was instant between his rock hard calves.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed when those legs sprung their trap, and as he locked down around my neck, I started to fall back a bit.  He pulled me deep in between his thighs, and was definitely convincing about giving me a squeeze.  I was a bit stubborn about it, but when you have a pair of thighs like these doing the talking.

Needless to say, that day, I spent nearly an hour locked between his thighs, it's no wonder that when he knocks on my door, at whatever time of the day, I'm very very happy to see him, and always thrilled to feel those legs locked around my neck.

One of those squeezers I really liked

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A cool squeezer that locks it on nice and tight

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Just a little bit about me and the SQUEEZE

When I think about the squeeze and what it has been throughout my life I have to go way back.  I do not remember the first time that someone wrapped their legs around my neck and squeezed me.  I've tried to actually remember that one, but I don't specifically remember.

But over the years and as I got older, I found myself finding any excuse at all to wrap a pair of legs around my neck.  I knew it felt good, and I also knew there were some (although it still seems strange to me) that never squeezed someone between their legs.  Or they did, and actually didn't like to take control of someone with their legs and play with them for as long as they wanted to play with them.  I mean really, usually when you are locked between a pair of thighs, you can struggle but you aren't always going to get out, unless of course you intend on hurting the squeezer in the process, which is something that I never wanted to do.  I want the person locked around my neck to be healthy, ready to squeeze anytime (even unexpectedly, sometimes the surprise attacks by friends were the best squeezes).

I never really associated the squeeze to sex, the squeeze itself for years was all that I needed and I was fine with that for years.  Of course as you get older, you don't have friends that come over that want to "wrassle", or that will throw their legs around your neck and torture you while you watching tv, or just lock you between their legs and torture you for the fun of it.  And believe me, I've ALWAYS encouraged this behavior, I mean really, if you want to wrap your legs around my neck and squeeze me, I'm not going to complain.

I know I went through many stages of trying to get legs wrapped around my neck throughout my life. 

From the beginning until I was about 19 years old it was just wrestling around.  That was the easiest way. Some people would wrestle with me and I would do everything I could to try and make sure that they had the perfect chance and opportunity to wrap their legs around my neck.  Heck, most of the time I would practically pull their legs around my neck if I had to, to give them the hint.  There were a few that were totally clueless about what to do when someone's neck suddenly was between their legs when wrestling, but I would just teach them how to squeeze someone, and I did!

From about 19 until 22 I would just have people squeeze me or wrassle around.  I discovered that if someone sat behind me on a chair, couch, bed, whatever and I put my neck deep between their legs and they squeezed, increasing the pressure until finally I asked them to romp down on the pressure at the end, it would pop out my neck a bit, I would feel wonderful for days and they wouldn't know that I had just gotten the most orgasmic experience.  Of course, at the time, and before this, I didn't know exactly how much a squeeze affected me and why I liked it so much.

From 22 until about 38 years old, squeezing became a part of my sexual fun.  I didn't have to wrestle around, I didn't have to ask them to "pop out my neck", I just asked them for a squeeze.  And in most cases I got what I wanted, and in some cases more. 

It took me until about 22 years old to actually discover what the heck the squeeze was all about and it was because one guy I knew.  His name was Scott, he was about 5'8", 150 pounds, white, dark hair, blue eyes, smooth, and had one of those bodies that looked like Spiderman, all muscle all over.  I used to drool every time I would see him, but we never did anything sexually.  Of course, he was a friend, but his vocation at the time was a hustler so he was definitely well-versed in some of the sexual things that people do.

One day, I think it was probably the third time he had agreed to "pop out my neck", he would do that, and of course he was excellent at it, I was in heaven throughout the process of feeling each and every sinew, muscle cell, skin cell, whatever I could fell.  One time while squeezing me, he said, "You can feel my legs if you want to and I know you want to." 

He was in shorts and so I did, reluctantly at first, but as I did, I noticed that the squeeze session changed just a bit, it wasn't just about a good old "neck popping session", it was something much more.  He worked me over for I don't know how long, and I mean he worked me over.  I was fully dressed the entire time, didn't even think about touch myself, just his legs and his muscles and his body the entire time.  I was a bit uncomfortable at first when the feeling of what was going on changed, but he just said, "Oh, no, let me do this the way that you really want it done."  I wasn't really in a position to argue, after all, I did have his legs right where I wanted them. 

I don't know how long he worked me over between those legs of his, but when he finally released me, I was so incredibly worn out and spent that I could barely get up off the floor.  As he helped me up on the bed, and we sat there he told me what I needed to know, what I didn't understand, and something that finally made the squeeze make sense.

"Man, I should charge you for that!" 

I responded, "What?"

"You know that turns you on man, you've always known.  Course I don't think you really knew how much, but you do now." 

So that beautiful friend who just happened to be an escort, taught something about myself that I didn't know or have a clue about.  I'm glad that he did though, and I sure haven't forgotten him and that was years ago.

Now, I just ask them to squeeze me, and occasionally, since I'm old and stuff, I don't have much of a choice but to just hire a cute guy with legs to squeeze me.  It wouldn't be something that I had thought I would ever do, certainly not anything that I figured I would do when I was 20 something and sex was free, but I figure things change.  Course now I keep track of the number of days between squeezes, I think the longest was 202 days.  I know, more people have been abstinent for longer, but I do not do it because of choice, and I sure don't do it because I agree with the idiots in government.  Would I pay for someone again to squeeze me, sure.  But that's going to be a while, while that person is in the white house I haven't had the funds to do anything. 

So that's some of the history of what the squeeze is to me.  I've been lucky, met some guys that will let me take pictures, even a few that have allowed me to take a video or two or three.  Certainly not on the scale of some of the wrestling tape company, egad, do I wish I could have a huge corral of nice legs to squeeze me like those guys.  But I'm pretty grateful, I've had some fabulous thighs locked tight around my neck, and that's a good thing!!