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(A work of fiction as I learned months later!)





Star Trek (Classic) Rare , full-size Captain Kirk Bridge Command Chair replica. "1" of only "2" made in 1996.


Unfinished. Same as used in Star Trek: The Next Generation ( "Relics" episode ), and Deep Space Nine ( "Trials and Tribble-ations" episode ). R & D and Carpentry by actual Paramount Pictures Star Trek crewmembers. Back-up copy made for filming of Star Trek DS-9. 100% authentic with extensive documentation.


This exact piece also became the licensed prototype for Paramount Pictures by Icons Authentic Replicas.  Unfinished / Requires completion.


With hand-signed Letter of Authenticity on Icons letterhead.


Note: Requires 3rd party shipping, to be determined, depending on delivery zone. Ships in 3 over-sized boxes.



Here is a very unique item. This is a full-size (modular, ships in 3 sections), Star Trek Captain Kirk Bridge Command Chair replica. This 1:1 scale well-crafted Hollywood production artifact replica and piece of practical furniture (when completed), is one of the most amazing full-size licensed Star Trek prototypes ever made. This particular prototype has never been seen by the general public or ever photographed.




The Captain Kirk Chair being offered for the first time in this eBay auction, was hand-made in 1996 by the renown (initials) S.H., of the Icons Fabrication & Design Group. The staff of Icons Fab & Design was made up of film and television professional prop and miniature craftspeople, and prototyped all of Icons replicas.


The extremely talented, multi-skilled heads of this department were veterans of multiple Star Trek feature films and had worked on every season of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Mostly through their close association with the legendary prop, set dressing, wardrobe, etc. fabrication effects house, Prop'r Effects.


The capabilities of these individuals were so well-respected in the entertainment industry, that even though they had gone into the licensed replica business with Icons, Hollywood eventually came calling. These pros had a skill set that was remarkable. Each member capable of conceptual design, prop fabrication, miniature construction, sculpting, machining, carpentry, electrical engineering, painting, molding, casting and more.


Icons believed that it was not only the amazing craftsmanship of these individuals that enhanced each Icons replica, but each of their extensive resumes, which  added to the perceived value of each Studio licensed replica. Though an Icons replica may not have been used during filming, it was still fabricated under the supervision of a film and television professional craftsperson. Often prototyped by an artisan who had actually constructed the production-used original in the first place. In other words the next best thing to the screen-used original.




The lead foreman of Icons Fab & Design was a renown Star Trek prop and set dressing fabricator. A brilliant machinist, and carpenter, initials S.H.. During his tenure on Star Trek: The Next Generation (while working with Prop'r Effects), one of the challenges faced by S.H. and his associates, was to construct, from scratch, a full-sized 1:1 scale replica of Captain Kirk's Command Chair as seen on the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise in the classic Star Trek television series.


The set piece would be used in a very special episode of Star Trek: The Next Generations; "Relics", which featured an appearance by the beloved Scotty (James Doohan). In the episode, Scotty  visits the Holodeck of ST:TNG's U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D, and instructs the computer simulator to re-create the bridge of the original Enterprise 1701. As she was seen in the Classic Star Trek television series. A moment not be missed as Scotty walks on to the original Bridge of the Enterprise again after 30 years. I'm getting goose bumps just typing that line.




The original Captain Kirk Command Chair had been assumed lost or destroyed for many decades at this time. The majority of the production-used Bridge set for the Enterprise from the Classic television series, had been donated by Paramount Pictures to the UCLA University Drama Department in Westwood, California following the cancellation of Star Trek in 1969.


Pieces of the original set were thrown out, altered by Drama students for theatrical productions and at times taken home as souvenirs by teachers and the student body. Including the original, full size, historic, screen-used, one-of-a-kind, Captain Kirk Command Chair.


This priceless piece of television history resurfaced in 2002. It is depicted in a photo below (in completed form) on the left-hand margin of the photo layout, sitting on a pallet. It sold in excess of $250,000.00 USD at a Hollywood memorabilia auction house following its discovery and confirmation of its authenticity by classic Star Trek Art Director Matt Jeffries. It had eluded die-hard Star Trek production-used memorabilia collectors, and in the Los Angeles, California area. For well over 30 years...


But, prior to the discovery of the original Captain Kirk Chair, all anyone had access to were extensive photographs, including those from the Paramount Pictures archives, some measurements, original crewmember accounts, and size approximations estimated via extensive and repeated viewings of the Captain Kirk Chair, which was seen in almost every Classic Star Trek episode ever filmed.


Detailed drawings, plans, blueprints were made and studied and revised. Crewmembers almost came to blows over differences of opinion. The bar was consistently raised higher and higher. Even fake Captains chairs, which had been sold years before for as high as 25k, surfaced, were examined, quickly debunked and deemed inaccurate and only non-authentic fan-produced copies. Which created quite an uproar in the Hollywood memorabila marketplace.


The sequence where Scotty visits the Classic Bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, on Star Trek: The Next Generation, required the total re-construction, from the ground-up, of a fully dressed, and functioning  electronic Enterprise Bridge set, for the very first time in Star Trek history. The set was meticulously re-created in meticulous detail. S.H. was given the most important task on the replication project...replicate a 1:1 scale authentic replica of Captain Kirk's Bridge Command Chair. The results were astounding...And to this day..this feat is considered a landmark achievement in the annals of Star Trek lore.


In 1996, with numerous staff members of Prop'r Effects joining Icons, including one of its partners (co-founding Icons), Paramount Pictures approached Icons for several projects, including creating an extensive display of 1:1 scale replicas of props from the Star Trek universe for exhibit in the planned Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada.


With S.H.'s acclaimed success in building the first-ever screen-used reproduction of Captain Kirk's Command Chair for Star Trek: The Next Generation, he was asked in 1996 to, once again, create scratch-built replications for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and a wonderful episode titled "Trials and Tribble-ations", which, for the first time, featured the characters from the original series digitally intermingled with characters from a current Star Trek incarnation with ST:DS9.


2 Captain Kirk Command Chairs were recreated for use on DS9 by S.H. and the Icons Fabrication and Design Group, as well as a gorgeous, full-size 1:1 scale replica of the Bridge Helm Control and 6 authentic-looking high-back 1960's (Burke style) swivel chairs, as they were seen on the Classic Star Trek television series. ( Please see photos depicted below).




The schematics, measurements and Wood-jigs used to create the 1:1 scale Captains Chair Replica's for Star Trek The Next Generation's "Relic" episode were also utilized to create the replica for Deep Space Nines: "Trials and Tribble-ations." The Captains Chair we are selling here in this first-ever auction, was made as a back-up copy for use in Deep Space Nine if needed.  Usually "2" of everything is made, in the event of a problem during production.


In 1996, Icons received such incredible feedback from its customers touring Icons, who saw these pieces as they were being originally constructed, along-side prototypes of Icons production-line of Studio licensed prop and miniature replicas, that Icons decided to secure the license for a Paramount Pictures authenticated and authorized, full-size, authentic Captain Kirk Bridge Command Chair as a limited edition 1:1 scale replica and piece of functional furniture.


Once the filming of the Deep Space Nine episode was completed and through the post-production process, this piece was earmarked by Icons Fab & Design and executive management, as a replica prototype, to be completed and eventually be exhibited  at Science Fiction and Star Trek conventions around the world.


The concept of the Icons Captain Kirk Bridge Command Chair (please see the never-before-seen or distributed original Icons promotional postcard for this product, depicted below), included a variety of fun features.


* The control panels in the side-arms of the Captain's Chair would have remote-controlled a consumer's living room's lights, television, CD player, VCR (DVD).


* The control panel lights would illuminate and its switches and buttons function.


* The speaker box would play pre-recorded voice samples of characters such as Mr. Spock and Scotty ( "I can-na give her anymore Captain!" ), and a variety of Bridge sound effects from the original series.


* A large oversized signature plaque on the back of the Captain Kirk Chair would have featured the autograph of actor William Shatner ( aka Captain James T. Kirk ).


* The edition-size would have been limited to 1966 units (an homage to the year Star Trek premiered on television for the first time).






Here is the Icon postcard, interesting in itself but sadly it has nothing to do with the chair I purchased:


My flatbed scanner wasn't large enough to copy the entire original image in one scan so I had to do it in two shots.