My Flight Simulator

Here are some photos of my flight simulator which was built from plans from Joyrider. I eventually enclosed mine to block out all light and views except for what you see on the screen. As a private pilot (who can't afford to fly the real thing anymore) this flight simulator is the next best thing!


If you want to build your own Flight Simulator like the Joyrider go to ACESIM.COM you will also see some examples of other peoples home made Flight Simulators.

Here is the finished Flight Simulator (Joyrider) enclosed with a small diameter PVC cage and covered with reflective insulation. The insulation came from Home Depot. It is reflective on both sides and has air pockets between it's layers. I used hot glue and metallic duct tape to attach it to the PVC. Underneath the insulation I used dark cloth to make the interior as dark as possible.

Here is a shot with the 'hatch' open.

This shot shows the LCD flat screen, illuminated keyboard and the controls. The control include a throttle, joystick, trackball and just out of sight a set of rudder pedals.

This is an image of the "Joyrider" before it was enclosed. Originally I just had blanket hanging from the ceiling to enclose it. Now the small diameter pvc it is much more finished looking.

Here is a shot of the base of the joystick. I had to remove and rewire the joystick in order to mount it to the top of the control pipe. Here you can see how the inputs from the base of the chair, attached with surgical tubing translate to the base of the joystick.

Here is a more open view of the flat screen and the front speakers.

Here is the 'heart' of the system. a Gateway computer used just for flight. You can also see the rudder pedals just to the right of the computer.

Close up of the base of the joystick

Here you can see the original 'base' unit to the computer sound system. To the left is an amp for the 'Bass Shakers" I installed onto the back and bottom of the chair. With the Base Shakers you really "feel" the sensations within the flight simulator.

Here is a close up of one of the "Bass Shakers" mounted to the back of he pilot seat.

Here is an earlier shot of the controls before the flight simulator was enclosed and the joystick and throttle were changed to a "Saitek X45 Digital Joystick and Throttle". You can see the rudder pedals in this shot. Also if you look at the throttle you can see how I mounted that to the large diameter PVC. I took a section of PVC cut it open then heated it till it was pliable. Then I flattened part of it out to mount the throttle and used the remaining curved section to mount to the PVC pipe.