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Hi. I'm Stuart, and I'll be your webmaster this evening. Here are some more photos.

I'd like to know who you are and how you got here. So email me or sign the guestbook, dammit.
For my more recent and frequently updated tales, kindly check out my blog. It includes a series of posts I wrote in 2007
about my most memoriable experiences in the realm of mediation, spritual/philosophical exploration, and the Big Questions of Life.
This series forms a sort of mini-memoir, which I call Autobiography of a Boo Boo.

I do Zen now, used to do Siddha Yoga, and this page covers just about every teacher, group, path, and miscellaneous weirdness that I've come across.

Humorous tales of encountering Hare Krishna gurus, getting naked with the Avadhoot, hiding with Sikhs, and other adventures in the American spiritual underbelly.

Humor, chess, games, poker. "Man's instinct to gamble is the only reason he is still not a monkey up in the trees" -- Mario Puzo

Reference sites etc that I like to keep handy.

Web sites created by friends and family.

Technical resources I've used in creating this site, and in my job.

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