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Frequently Asked Questions

You have had success with the Stone Soul Festival in the past. I heard about your success, how long has this been going on in Springfield, MA?

For 22 years, thousands of people have traveled to Springfield from as close as the Pioneer Valley from as far away as Europe, just for the fun of being outside in the park sharing great food and good times. It has become a tradition that originated from the African American community and has evolved into a major event that embraces all ethnicities. The people who attend now are very diverse in age, culture and lifestyles and they all can connect with the "soul" that we bring to the festival with the different attractions, performances and the overall energy by the people who attend.

Why do you think Labor Day weekend is a good time to have it and what attractions will be there this year?

Labor Day weekend is the last weekend of the summer before the school year starts. Summer represents special times of dancing, singing, outdoor concerts, picnics and family reunions, good food and lots of laughter. The public can find all of that and more in one weekend at the festival. Our goal is to create those lasting memories to carry you until next year when we do it all again!

Is there room to dance or sit down while eating? Please elaborate.

The park is huge with approximately 123 acres. There are picnic tables, a tennis court and plenty of open space. The festival is designed primarily for guests to spend the day walking around and enjoying the attractions. The public is encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets to make sure they are comfortable in the event that the picnic area is filled because there is plenty of space to lay out a blanket or set up chairs to sit down and eat your food while watching all of the action!

How many days are included in your programming of activities?

It is a 3-day event starting on Friday and it ends on Sunday with the annual Stone Soul Festival at 10:00 am. Pack your picnic baskets and coolers, bring family and friends to join us for the community cookout The Praise in the Park Tent Service also starts at 10:00 am followed by the Gospel Program with live music and special performances. At 4:00 pm is the Community Service Awards Presentation.

Are there any restrictions: Do you allow kids on skateboards? Roller skates? Should anyone bring a bicycle? What about bad weather and what are your contingency plans?

The Bank Stone Soul Festival is a rain or shine event. Roller-skates, skateboards and bicycles are welcome. Please be advised the area is primarily grass and for your safety, helmets are encouraged.

What should anyone bring with them who plan to attend?

We think positive  and plan for good weather all weekend but the public is encouraged to check the forecast if they are traveling a distance. Suggestions would include: beach umbrellas, lawn chairs and outdoor fold-up chairs, coolers, blankets, picnic baskets, perhaps a sweater or jacket for the evening. The festival is designed for people to be outside for long periods of time vendors will be on site selling water.


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