Said Tabet and
The RuleML Initiative

RuleML: Creating Agility in the Semantic Web

Welcome to my home page. I have been involved in AI and its applications for more than a decade. I recently left a Boston area startup company to re-focus on RuleML and Business Rules, XML, RDF and the Semantic Web, and deductive reasoning in financial services. Declarative rule-based inference will provide a major differentiator in XML routing, personalization and decision making automation within the next few years.

In the past, I have been involved in Knowledge Based Simulation research and development, mainly applied to policy and regulations automation. With Brightware and Inference corporation, I worked on ART, the ancestor of CLIPS and JESS. ART was later replaced by ART*Enterprise and its Web and distributed extensions.

I co-founded the RuleML Initiative with
Harold Boley in August 2000 during the PRICAI conference in Melbourne, Australia.

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