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They have done wonders for my dogs.

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Click here for some photos that people have sent me and some very nice emails.



Click here for some photos that people have sent me and some very nice emails.



Click here for some photos that people have sent me and some very nice emails.

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I can’t put into words how wonderful these vitamins are.I have tried may vitamins over the past 13 years ones from my vets and store bought one and none have even came close to NuVets. I have been breeding for 13 years now and through that time you have your up and downs with shedding.  Being a breeder when you’re female has her litter of pups she loses a lot of hair well at that time Jennifer at NuVets contacted me and sent me samples to try well I used the sample and all I can say is wow her hair became soft and shinny it help with the shedding and she looked like a whole new dog. She also had more energy than she did with any other litter. I started using the vitamins on all my labs and what a change in their coats they all looked like new dogs to me. Any lab owner know lab do shed some especially certain times of the year but with NuVet the shedding was down to a min. with brushing. There are times when fleas get out of hand on your dog and he or she scratch’s and irritate their skin my one female did this when I left her outside to long on a summer day and the nates where getting her and I didn’t notices she scratched her self all up and wouldn’t stop. But this is at the time NuVet came to me and I started her on them  and within two weeks the redness was all gone and all the bold spots from her scathing and chewing where all healed and the new hair was growing in.
I recommend this product it worked miracles for me and still does.

One more thing about NuVet vitamins you should know about.
It helps to reduce any damage to the joints if you work them too hard when they are still growing, it boosts their immune system (they also get the benefits from their mothers milk because she is on it) as well as prevents premature aging, tumors(shark cartilage), cataracts and heart conditions-not that any of that is in your line. It is also a free radical scavenger and helps fight toxins in the body that are in dog foods (there are trace amounts in some dog foods)-it will not cure a dog that is sick from Diamond dog food though.