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of their pups growing up.

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Look on page two for photo's of one of Echo's pups who entered his first Dock Dogs competition.
I always wanted to do that with Echo.

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                                                                           Tucker at 1 year.      Brandy

Jingles X Dusty


Hello Stacie; We have had Miss Molly since 1997 from your litter of Dusty & Jingles, and she is still the same sweet,
wonderful dog that she was then, of course, now she's 73 lbs.
She keeps trim and slim, with our pool, which she has been in already, way before us,................also her favorite is her frisbees,
she has a unique way of stacking them in a
particular order after she catches them in the air. Now that we are almost empty nesters, i'm enjoying her more and more, in the future i'd like to
have two yellow labs from one of your litters,
so they can play together. Thanks again for Molly, we wished we named her,
"The unsinkable Molly Brown !!


After Molly's passing over the summer Janet purchased a new black lab from us named Sadie you can see her photo on page 4 she is a cutie.
We miss Molly so much.



Hi Stacy,
 Just wanted to write and tell you how much we're enjoying the new puppy. And also to tell you that dealing with you guys was a pleasure.
You are very professional, responded right away to every email, every phone call, ect.
The dog is happy as hell. Believe it or not, she's pretty much housetrained. She goes to the door when she has to go.
I never knew a dog so young, not even 7 weeks old, who did that. She hasn't had an accident in the house for 2 days.
I also never saw a dog so young who can run like her. She has perfect strides, almost like an adult dog.
Every other dog I had hopped like a rabbit until like 10 weeks or so, then started running with strides.
She runs right up the stairs too. It's really unbelievable. I can't wait till she starts retrieving so she can get some serious exercise.
I'm trying to get her to bring me things back, but no luck yet.


 Here is our pup at 3 and a half months. She's great. When she's running full speed in the park, it's like she's in heaven.
You know what I mean. She was Echo's smallest female if you remember.
Trixie is her name.

I'm sending you a picture of 'Trixie' at 6 months old. She was the smallest female in Echo's litter that was born 1/1/04.
Stacy, she's the best dog I ever had. Easy to train. I don't need a leash with her. She stays right with me and comes every time I call her.
She hangs in our front yard and would never run away from us or anything.
Even if kids are riding their bikes by the house, if I say 'stay' she just looks at them.
She wants to please. I get home from work and take her to a park a few blocks from my house.
I bring a leash in case there's any traffic, but I seldom put it on her.
She's great.
The picture isn't the best but when I take a really good one of her, I'll send it to you.

This is Trixie at a little over one year. She was Echo's smallest female from the 'New Years Day' litter
She's a great dog Stacy The only pain in the a** is she ruins the back yard. Digs, rips apart the shrubs, ect. ect. (hopefully she'll out grow that) But we love her.
She is awesome. The pictures are of a walk through the woods into a park that we do every day.
She can catch a frisbee great and her favorite thing in the world it 'the ball'.


Sandy's X Jagger


Just wanted to send you some pictures of Bailey.  As you can see she is loving her new home and we are loving her.
She is very smart and learning very fast.

Hi Stacie,
I just wanted to send you another picture of our little girl.  This is Bailey almost a month ago now she is about 50 pounds now.
She loves my chair and she makes herself at home in it whenever she can usually when I leave for work.
We are going to obedience school and she is doing great the instructor says she is so very smart and she can’t believe the progress she is making.

Regards, Tim Troast


Hi Stacie;

It has been a while since we sent you pictures of Bailey.  She is from Sandy and Jagger October of 2004.
She loves to go to the park and ride in the car and goes just about everywhere with us.  She lover to run and play and she can go forever.
We couldn’t ask for a better pet.


Hi Stacie,

It has been a while since I have written but a lot has been going on.  Bailey is growing up so
much she is about 70 lbs now I think she is done growing being she is 3 ½ now.  She is a great
pet I couldn’t ask for a better dog.  She loves to go for drives in the car I take her everywhere
I can.  She is very smart learns fast she’s a great retriever and loves to play fetch in the
yard.  I also want to share her MySpace page with you she has a lot of friends there:

This last weekend Bailey got to meet her new baby cousin Harley one of Jersey’s pups.  My cousin
Stephanie picked him up from you Saturday morning she couldn’t be happier.  Here is a couple of
picks of him with me and Bailey.

Tim & Kathy



Hi there! I bought one of your wonderful little pups from you 2 summers ago! She was the best thing that could have happened to my family and I.
She has truly became one of the family! She is almost 2 years old this summer.
I was looking at your website and just wanted to send you a picture of her since! Her name is Bella!



Echo X Jagger


Hello stacie,

We just wanted to let you know that Phoebe is doing wonderful! she just enjoyed her first birthday with us, on new years day.
( she was born to echo and jagger ).
she is the most beautiful lab, and we always get compliments on her sweet demeanor.
she's a happy pup and loves to be around people and has alot of fun chasing our 3 cats around the house.
Shes very sweet and loves to lay on the sofa with us.
We would love it if you could post the pictures on your site to show everyone how beautiful she is...

thanks again,
maureen and susan


Hello Stacie and family (human and canine), 

I would just like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. 

I try to keep in touch with you some how, even it's just to say again how much we love Phoebe. (born 1/1/04 to Echo & Jagger)

(I check your site from time to time and I was sorry to read about the loss of Jagger.) Phoebe is such a great dog, so loving and happy.

She truly is a sweet dog and is loved very much, couldn't imagine my life without her.

Again... Happy Holidays and thanks for a great dog !!


Echo X Jagger


Hi Stacie --
Well, its been almost two years since we picked up Brie -- the last girl from Jagger and Echo in July 2002.
She is a magnificent dog and a joy to have in our home.
. When we are in the market for a friend for Brie, we know who to call. Thanks again.


Echo X Jagger


I can hardly believe the 3 1/2 years has passed since we brought home one of your pups. Murphy Brown Low is the joy of our lives.
She is now coming with me to Children's Specialized once a week as a therapy dog. She helps kids work on throwing, speaking and sensory skills and she brings out the shine in everyone she meets.
We can't even begin to tell you how much she has added to our lives in terms of laughter, love and fun! She is also an amazing frizzbee player!

I hope to have some pictures of her on therapy dog duty soon, and I will send them to you. until then here is a picture of her with her best friend Little kittie.

Warmest regards,


Echo X Jagger


Hi My name is Gina , my husband bought a yellow lab from Echo's litter in December.
I just want to say she is a beautiful dog and I love her so much, she is definitely getting a lot of love with us.
We had such a wonderful christmas with her!
She's doing great and is housebroken already, we trained her to ring the bells on the back door when she wants to go out and she is doing well with sit, stay, and shake commands too!!!
I hope you enjoy the pictures.


3 1/2 months old

Summer has been so great to us, I don't know what I'd do without her. She's doing great she's almost 6 months old now.


Hi Stacie,

Just wanted to send you some more pictures of Summer. She is doing great!!! We are so happy with her.
She just loves her pool she gets so excited when she sees me pulling it out, she jumps in it and just waits for me to fill it. She's so funny. She's just about 9 months old now.
We are going camping in sept. with her, that should be interesting. I'll let you know how that goes!


Hi Stacie!

We took Summer camping and she did Great!!
She went swimming for the first time in a lake where she actually had to doggy paddle, she caught right on and loved it!
It was a five hour ride there and she did really good on the car ride too!

Good luck with all of you new puppies coming up.   I wish my husband would let me get another one!



I just wanted to email you we took summer to the vet for her one year check up and they said she's doing beautifully!!!  She weighs 68 lbs and they complimented on her great thigh muscles!
We found a dog park nearby and she absolutely loves playing with the other dogs.  She always stays out of trouble though.
If a few dogs start to growl at each other she goes the opposite direction which i'm happy about.
I've attached a few pics of her catching the frisbee, we worked hard to get an "action" shot!
Anyway Summer has been such a good dog,  I don't know what I'd do without her!




Hi Stacie!

How are you doing?  Good I hope.  I just wanted to send you some pics of Summer.  She just turned 2 on November 1st!  I can't believe it.
She's definitely a water dog.  My parents bought a shore house in North Wildwood this past april, so she spent a lot of time on the beach this summer!  She loved it!
We just got back from the Outer Banks in North carolina for a week with the in-laws, they got a house and it was pet friendly (we wouldn't have it any other way)  so along came summer,
she did great on the 7hour drive down and she loved the pool and watching her dad fish!
She's been great!


Christmas 2006


Summer's parents have now setup their own webpage because they love taking photos of her so much.
I'm so glad because they send me so many great photo's and I'm just unable to add them all to my site.
Check out their link and see Summer's newest photo's.
Don't forget to come back and check out the rest of my site.

Summer new site

Echo X Jagger



    Hey, my name is Dominick, and I took home one of the puppies from Echo's litter. I just wanted to drop a line to say how wonderful Ruffy is doing.
He was housebroken within a couple of days, and is smarter than some people i know. He actually figured out that if I have the gate up, keeping him downstairs,
he can fake going to the bathroom, and drag me around to the front of the house,
so he can go up the front steps and get upstairs to the other side of the gate.
I just took him to the vet and he is tipping the scales at a very healthy 54 Lbs (at only 4 months old).
And there is not a hint of fat on this dog. The vet said that there is a good chance that this dog could end up at 100 Lbs (which i am ecstatic about).
He's so athletic that it's to the point that when we go running, I have a hard time keeping up with him.
This dog can run for hours and he is still ready for more.
He will retrieve anything I throw, no matter how far, or how deep the snow.
He is as pure a retriever as there is. He is also the friendliest most social dog I have ever seen.
There is no person or dog alive that he doesn't love.
I guess I can sum that up by telling you that the receptionist at the vet's office asked me for your web address so
that she can recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Lab.
    This dog is the best investment I have ever made.
The joy he has brought to my family and anyone else that he comes in contact with cannot be quantified in any way.

         Thanks again.

6 week

Christmas Day

2 months

4 months


Look on page two for photo of one of Echo's pups who entered his first Dock Dogs competition.
I always wanted to do that with Echo.


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