Wayne Keith


Pictures of previous pups

Pictures of dam and sire

We are expecting puppies
in May 2014

2012 Puppy Videos
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2011 Litter

7 weeks old

3 males



2009 Litter
6 weeks old: 7 pups, 4 females, 3 males

Three Males

2008 litter


Pictures of Our Pups' New Homes

Barber's: Samson


Blomquist's: Roo

"Roo still has alot of puppy in him so he always wants to play with the other dogs instead of hunt but once he's on a track he flips the switch and becomes a hunting dog. We got the lion yesterday, it's a big Tom, 153 lbs."


Hawkes': Ruger

"Ruger is doing awesome. He is just about 85 pounds and healthy as can be. He has become a real asset on the ranch. His job is to clear the swamps of cows, and this year he has taken a liking to breaking bulls one-on-one. He has no fear and never backs down. When they have come after him he bites them right on the face. We had three new bulls up there this year and there was a few times that without him the job would have never gotten done. He is the only dog I have ever owned that I can talk to and he will talk back to me. And he makes it clear that we are his. He's the best dog I have ever owned and we can't imagine life without him. Thank you so much for adding to our family!"


Hadden's: Elly May
"Elly May is doing great and getting so big. I was able to take her with me to work on the central coast of California on a 3600 acre cattle ranch, and it has done her well.
She gets to run the hills everyday and play with other dogs, she has learned about cattle and horses and everybody that meets her absolutely adores her."


McKey's: Jed, 7 months oldJed, 6 months old

McKey's: Jed, 1 1/2 years old


McHone's: Shiloh, 6 months oldShiloh

McHone's: Shiloh, 1 1/2 years old


William's: Dixie, 6 months oldDixie


Ferguson's: Roxy, 8 months oldRoxy


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The Dam: Keith's Sage
Daughter of McDonald's Bubba and McDonald's Chiquita

Sage Jan08


Sage is a great kid-watcher

Sage and Jessi

Although it's hard to tell, she's really got a big smile on her face. Every once in a while a raccoon picks the wrong tree to climb up. Our cur will climb as high as she can to get at a coon.

Sage and Raccoon

Sage and another raccoon

Sire 2011, 2012, and 2014
Payne's Rycur

The Sire in 2008 and 2009, Dalton's Danny

Dalton's Danny

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