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A message from Dr. Brin:

To all who have come seeking adventure along the twisted star-lanes of the Civilization of Five Galaxies (also known as the Uplift Universe") . . . welcome!

This site has been created on the Old Web - using completely Earthling "digital computer" technology - in order to assist those wanting to learn more about this complex and dangerous cosmos. Interested in the original novels that started it all? A simple click will take you to my own web site where information is available about the first and second Uplift Trilogies, including the Hugo Award-winning novels Startide Rising and The Uplift War. Easily downloaded copies of the first few chapters are available for most of the books. (Who doesn't like free samples?)

Those seeking yet another Uplift "fiction fix" can download the story "Temptation" from http://www.davidbrin.com/shortstories.html.

The latest addition to the Uplift Universe is CONTACTING ALIENS: THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO DAVID BRIN'S UPLIFT UNIVERSE - published by Bantam / RandomHouse in July 2002. This book is a wonderfully fun tour of the many alien races that people the novels, featuring vivid drawings by noted artist Kevin Lenagh.

And, most newsworthy of all, there is the long-awaited appearance of a new and hugely augmented edition of Stefan Jones's justifiably famous GURPS Uplift Game. (For years, copies of the original game book have been going for giant markups on eBay!)

See the Links section for other services, like discussion groups and 'fan sites' where yet more information can be found, some of it collected for years by meticulous readers with a keen eye for detail.

Here, on this web site, you can find the nexus of all these rays of light! Converging at this transfer point, you can hop from one to the next, making an adventure far greater than the sum of the parts. Where one leaves off, the next one launches into fresh, mysterious or exciting details.

Have fun, adventurers. And remember, Earthclan depends on you!

David Brin

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