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GURPS Uplift

Your guide to adventure in the Uplift Universe. Now Shipping!

The long-awaited re-issue of GURPS Uplift, the official role-playing game sourcebook for David Brin's Uplift universe. For years appearances of the first edition on eBay were subject to frenzied bidding. Now at last Steve Jackson Games presents an expanded new edition, with more races, new worlds, and adventures set in one of science fiction's most intriguing universes. Available now.

Contacting Aliens:

An Illustrated Guide to David Brin's Uplift Universe

Your guide to a hundred of the weirdest, most amazing intelligent races ever imagined. An ideal supplement for GURPS Uplift campaigns. Available at a book store near you, or order now!

Uplift Minatures

The official metal miniatures
for your GURPS Uplift campaigns!

The set includes a neo-dolphin in a walker, a variety of neo-chimpanzees, and a tymbrimi ambassador.
An licensed product from Steve Jackson Games. Order Now!

GURPS Uplift

The new edition of the official Uplift Universe roleplaying worldbook!

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About David Brin

A few words by and about the author of the award-winning Uplift novels!

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