The Uplift Novels

David Brin's award-winning Uplift novels set a new standard for hard SF when they began appearing in 1980. Rather than recycling familiar Space Opera settings, the Uplift universe -- a dangerous place inhabited by haughty, ancient elder races -- takes into account speculation on the ecology of extraterrestrial civilizations.



David Brin's first novel was also the first novel of the Uplift saga. Set a few decades after First Contact, Sundiver is an intriguing variant of the "sitting room mystery," with the independence of human civilization at stake. Earthclan super-agent Jacob Demwa, accompanying human, chim, and Galactic representatives on a trip into the Sun's photosphere, must determine who is trying to sabotage Earthclan's attempt to investigate the mysterious Sun Ghosts.

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Startide Rising


The maiden voyage of the dolphin-crewed starship Streaker was supposed to be a routine trip to "reality check" entries from the Galactic Library. What it found in an obscure corner of Galaxy Two's halo -- a fleet of gigantic derelict ships -- instead made it the target of a posse of fanatic races. As Startide Rising begins, the Streaker has found a hiding place . . . the poisonous seas of the heavy-metal world Kithrup. Besides having to elude an array of bizarre, borderline insane fanatic races, the mixed-species crew must deal with treachery in its own ranks.

Startide Rising won the Hugo for Best Novel of 1984.

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The Uplift War


News of the Streaker's startling discovery has spread to Earthclan's corner of Galaxy Two. Hoping to take advantage of the chaos and settle some old scores, the haughty, rapacious Gubru invade the Terragen colony Garth. With their human patrons relocated to concentration camps, the neo-chimpanzee settlers must find a way to liberate Garth on their own. Complicating matters are an illegal uplift project, neo-chimp quislings, and a pair of mismatched Galactic embassadors.

The Uplift War won the Hugo for Best Novel of 1986.

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Brightness Reef


Brightness Reef is the beginning of a new series . . . the "Uplift Storm" trilogy. It is entirely set on one planet, the amazingly detailed illegal colony world Jijo. After centuries of conflict, the six races of "sooners" (including humans and an early form of neo-chimpanzee) have formed a low-tech but dynamic civilization determined to live lightly on the land and leave no traces of itself for future settlers to discover. Unfortunately, the larcenous Rothen have other plans for the world.

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Infinity's Shore


Infinity's Shore is the second part of the "Uplift Storm" trilogy. The very existence of some of Jijo's races are in doubt after a new threat -- the bizarre, genocidal Jophur -- arrives on the colony in search of the wayward Streaker.

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Heaven's Reach


Beginning hours after the tense climax of Infinity's Shore, the final entry in the "Uplift Storm" trilogy follows the Streaker's flight from the fanatical Jophur.

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