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Impossible Trivia

Each day the radio station B101 has what they refer to as an Impossible Trivia question. The question remains until somebody gets the correct answer. Here is a list of some questions and answers. Please note: I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any facts below ... this is how they were reported!

Q: There are over 15,000 ways to do this...?
A: Order from Starbucks!

Q: In Michigan, it's illegal for a woman to do this without her husband's permission...
A: Get her hair cut!

Q: The average woman does this eleven times a month...
A: Shave her legs!

Q: Women are more likely than men to do this. 30% of women actually admit to doing this "once or twice", while only a quarter of men say they've done this...
A: Snoop on their spouse!

Q: The average life span of this is about 150 days...
A: An eyelash!

Q: Less than 25% of men do this everyday?
A: The dishes!

Q: New Jersey has a museum that has more than 5,400 of these. What?
A: Spoons!

Q: 83% of women say that doing this makes them feel independent. What?
A: Working with tools!

Q: People say that this is the most annoying of table manners...
A: Not Talking!

Q: "We do this about 28 times a year....what?"
A: Eat ice cream!

Q: According to a recent survey, more than 2/3 of women, but less than 1/2 of men, feel it's
okay for a women to do this?
A: Be a stay-at-home wife

Q: These, on average, last three decades.
A: Coins

Q: Americans say this annoys them the most at work...
A: Paper jams

Q: This on average weighs just under 50 ounces...
A: The adult brain

Q: There's a 1 in 10 trillion chance that this will happen to you today...
A: Get hit by a meteor!

Q: One out of 5 women will cry when this happens?
A: When they find their wedding dress in the store

Q: Half of women who make more then 75K a year have this in common?
A: No children

Q: Americans will tell you their age, weight, mortgage and income before they tell you this?
A: Their credit card balance!

Q: Workers spend 6 weeks out of every year doing this...?
A: Searching for things on their desks!

Q: If men could choose to overhear any conversation, 27% would pick this one...?
A: Female co-workers talking about them.

Q: 304 million people will do this this year...?
A: Attend a wedding!

Q: "Over 60% of American homes have one of these...."
A: A karaoke machine

Q: 9% of us would not want our mothers to see this...?
A: Our workspace (cubicle)

Q: This was first introduced in 1953?
A: The TV Dinner!

Q: The average household has 13 of these?
A: Cleaning products!

Q: 17% of Americans can name 3 Supreme Court Justices, but over half of us can name 3 of
A: The Three Stooges!
DJChris: "So now the test: can you name three Supreme Court Justices?"
Solver: "Uh ... no?"
DJTiffany: "Well, that's ok - the question did say only 17% could do it. Can you name three of the Stooges?"
Solver: "Manny, Moe, and ..."
DJChris: [laughs] "No, those are the Pep Boys ..."

Q: On average, 80% of these in any given home never get used?
A: Clothes in a woman's closet

Q: There are 40,000 of these in the city of Los Angeles?
A: Intersections

Q: Almost 14 million people have one of these in their homes. What is it?
A: A TV Guide!

Q: This will cost you an average of $14,600.
A: The cost of owning a dog through its lifetime.

Q: Doing this increases your chances of gaining weight.
A: Having children.

Q: Tickets to this event cost $10 the first time it was held?
A: The Academy Awards

Q: More of this is sold in Dallas than in any other city?
A: Popcorn

Q: This thing that we see almost every day weighs about the same as 550 elephants?
A: A puffy white cloud!

Q: "Gone with the Wind", made history in 1939, for 2 reasons, it won best picture Oscar and what was the other?
A: It was the first movie in color to win an Oscar!

Q: Considered by some to be bad manners, over half of us feel this is okay to do in public?
A: Lick our fingers

Q: 159 million American families own one of these?
A: A pet fish

Q: Almost 1/3 of singles have had their first date here...
A: Starbucks

Q: This most often happens within an 8 mile radius of your home?
A: You meet your future spouse.

Q: 1/3 of all women won't do this in a public place?
A: Wear a bathing suit.

Q: Convenience stores report sales of this item go up by 20% the day after the Super Bowl...?
A: Antacids

Q: Just 1 in 14 American women can say this about themselves?
A: They're natural blondes!

Q: Married couple's are more likely to have this thing in common than are perfect strangers?
A: The same eye color.

Q: One in 10 people use this as their computer password...?
A: Their favorite sports team.

Q: Half of pet owners say their pet does this.
A: Watch television!

Q: This typically costs $4,312.88; what is it?
A: The average cost of a honeymoon!

Q: Elementary school kids were asked to name something that is loud. 15% of them said what?
A: Dad!

Q: Almost 10% of us have these in our bathrooms.
A: A radio

Q: 97% (93%?) of these go unused.
A: Coupons

Q: Men are more likely to use their hands while doing this while women are more likely to use their voices...?
A: Road rage!

Q: 4 out of 10 people say they do this every week at work?
A: Steal food out of the fridge!

Q: This weighs an average of 5-7lbs.?
A: A woman's purse

Q: Almost 9 out of 10 of us do this at least once a week?
A: Have dessert

Q:While most women don't do this, 12% said they've done it at least once.
A: Turn down a wedding proposal!

Q: We eat 287% more of this per year than we did in the 1950's?
A: Cheese

Q: When asked, if a men could only have one skill, women said "fixing things" was #1. What was #2?
A: Kissing

Q: 36% of women say THIS makes them feel more attractive...?
A: Spending a nice night out with their husband!

Q: You'll be healthier if you do this for 15 minutes each day.
A: Laugh.

Q: Half of the people surveyed said this is their number one regret from high school.
A: Their hairstyle.

Q: What is the thing women do that annoys men the most?
A: Talking baby talk.

Q: What's the first thing you know?
A: Old Jed's a millionaire.



Last updated 11/11/04